Why can't I see the OrgUnitLink field in the Toolbox when adding fields to my form or list?

Version 1


    When adding fields to a form or list, you are unable to locate a given field on an object, either directly or through a relationship, when the other fields from the business object are visible. An example of this is the OrgUnitLink field on Employee (derived from Frs_CompositeContract_Contact), when you can see the OrganizationalUnit field without issue.


    Out of the Box, some fields are marked as "Hidden in UI" in their field definition. OrgUnitLink is one such field. 

     - Go to the Business Object > Fields  
     - Select the field, 
     - Uncheck "Hidden in UI" 
     - Save. 
     - Refresh the Admin UI to make sure the change is accessible. 

    This will allow the field to be selected from the toolbox for forms and lists.
    It is recommended that fields that are "Hidden in UI" out of the box be returned to this status after you're done.