HEAT LiveTime v8.8.x Release Notes

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    HEAT LiveTime v8.8.x Release Notes



    HEAT LiveTime v8.8

    This release of HEAT LiveTime focuses on refinements to the existing feature set, improved navigation and addressing some common requests from the customer base.

    Over 100 change requests have been incorporated into this release of the application in addition to the changes incorporated during the 8.7.x patch release cycle. 

    The most significant changes will be noticed in the request search as the team / technician and workflow / state search options have been completely overhauled to allow multiple selections across both of these areas. In addition, many more date fields have been exposed for searching, with options to search before or after a certain date, or across a range of dates. The known value picker, which was first featured in 8.7, allowing selection of known values of a given field, has now been applied system wide to all objects that support custom field definitions

    There have been numerous other changes particularly to email handling and situations where additional users might need to be CC’d into the notification sequence. There are also enhancements to the report builder with the addition of several fields requested by customers, but more significantly the addition of new chart types to better meet customers’ reporting needs. The workflow editor now includes the ability to customize the colors of the workflow states and in a similar way, the SLAs now support the option of being denoted as applicable to VIPs and an appropriate color will be applied to the target VIP where that customer appears in the interface.

    We hope you enjoy using the latest version and look forward to your feedback as we add more exciting new features in the coming releases.

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.0 (r8001)


    [RM 243744] – Noted fix from previous version where it was possible to attempt to run two imports for the same source concurrently (which was prevented in v8.6)
    [RM 244408] – CSV item Import template is now dynamically generated to better reflect the field labels
    [RM 247962] – Category field list will now display the AMIE alias instead of the old ‘sort’ id for users that are using AMIE for data federation, to better facilitate implementing custom mapping files
    [RM 247966] – HEAT LANrev remote control dialog will now allow users to connect by either hostname OR IP Address to better cope with DHCP environments
    [RM 247967] – HEAT LANrev integration (via Web Services) now supports retry actions: Retry Failed Applications and Retry Failed Profiles, to better support customer usage scenarios
    [RM 248001] – HEAT LANrev remote control dialog will now correctly display the identifier value (when defined), instead of showing the html source for displaying the identifier
    [RM 248206] – HEAT LANrev action panel will now be able to be used on an adhoc basis by enabling a system option, negating the requirement to only make changes via an associated request

    Configuration Management

    [RM 244457] – The item bulk editor now supports bulk SLA changes


    [RM 242365-A] – When creating a request for a customer the customer notes field is now accessible via a mouse-over so that any comments on an account are accessible to the technician
    [RM 242365-B] – The customer notes field can now be imported from Active Directory or LDAP servers 
    [RM 245336] – Customers can now be searched for by state (like users)

    Customer Portal

    [RM 245156] – Added a new option to allow the possibility of customers setting the priority of the requests they create via the customer portal
    [RM 245157] – Added request priority as an option in the request list in the customer portal 
    [RM 241972] – Self-help section of the portal now includes the ability to create a new request
    [RM 242274] – Contract expiration dates will now appear in the customer portal when support contracts are in use


    [RM 243444-B] – New ‘Imminent SLA Breaches’ (by process) report can be embedded as a dashboard widget for easy access to this information
    [RM 243239] – Dashboard widgets can now display the widget description (available in the widget menu for all newly added widgets)
    [RM 245118] – Note counter in the request stream now links the technician to the latest note added to the referenced request


    [RM 245199] – Added new option to control creation of requests via email separately to updates of existing requests so email notes can be used for updates but not creation of requests
    [RM 242686/244073] – Various ‘location’ substitution parameters have been added to the request related email template messages
    [RM 242819] – Name fields for note templates have options for just first and last name individually in addition to the (existing) full name parameter
    [RM 242003/245275] – Added subject line action parameters so request fields can be manipulated using subject line extensions
    [RM 244386] – Better handling of custom field data being captured
    [RM 245251] – If customer sends an email to a closed request, the technician will also receive the bounce notification AND the email will be added to the request (but the request will remain closed)
    [RM 244576] – Technician replies to Problem emails will now be added to Problem records as notes (but problems continue to NOT be able to be used to communicate with customers)
    [RM 242072] – Request related emails that fail to send will now be recorded in the request audit trail
    [RM 243052] – Failed emails in the message log now have the (manual) ability to attempt to be resent
    [RM 245338] – Email subject lines are now defined using the template mechanism
    [RM 247679] – Email attachment filenames will now be truncated when applicable to ensure they can be saved at all times
    [RM 247878] – Emailed notes now display an option to ‘Read More’ so that the full content of the received message can be viewed, to facilitate capturing inline responses.
    [RM 247965] – The request analyzer will now analyze new requests that arrive via email
    [RM 248002] – Tidied up several email templates that contained some invalid parameter substitutions


    [RM 245333] – DC (District of Columbia) has been added as a US state option
    [RM 243541] – Share By Team option will no longer appear greyed out when not usable (now hidden)
    [RM 245320/245073/242140/244260] – Images can now be pasted in the rich text editor (except when using the Safari browser on a mac, which doesn’t currently support this behavior)
    [RM 245593] – User selection now correctly has fields for BOTH first name and last name in all locations this search component appears
    [RM 244380] – AD & LDAP sync schedules now support ‘Every X hours’ and ‘Every X days’ options 
    [RM 243949] – Added option to allow the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page to be hidden
    [RM 242001] – Added a new customer search control that takes both first name AND last name to help locate customers more easily
    [RM 243198] – Added an option to allow a private note to be used to trigger a response milestone for SLA measurement purposes
    [RM 244793] – SSO configuration can now (optionally) be set to make the ‘logout’ link redirect users to the SSO portal logout page
    [RM 242278] – Added a database purge feature to allow archived records to be permanently deleted from the LiveTime database once they reach a certain age
    [RM 243847] – The known value picker from the item custom field search has been applied to all custom field searches across the product, and some other fields, such as org unit name in request searches
    [RM 247825] – PDF Output of notes and audit entries have been optimized to reduce whitespace

    My Account

    [RM 242097] – Default setting for ‘Supported Org Units Only’ during request creation process now has a per user default setting here

    Purchase Orders

    [RM 244790] – The company banner will now be included in purchase order print-outs

    Org Units

    [RM 245335] – The org unit merge feature now lets the technician select which org unit will be retained as the ‘master’ record when merging
    [RM 245231] – It is now possible to ‘bulk-delete’ organizational units


    [RM 243088] – Partner visibility of outages is now limited to outages related to items they support

    Quick Calls & Group Templates

    [RM 246458-A] – Cursor focus on new group template creation has been corrected
    [RM 246458-B] – Default status of a request generated by a quick call will once again adhere to the template setting (instead of always reverting to ‘Pending’)
    [RM 246458-C] – Closure of in-sequence quick calls within a group template will once again display a message to inform the technician of the spawned request ID
    [RM 245005] – Quick Calls can now be set to skip holidays of the team or technician assigned 
    [RM 244158] – Added the ability to schedule a ‘Group Template’ (collection of quick calls)


    [RM 244653] – SLA reports can now be run with a target ‘set’ of SLA’s able to be defined
    [RM 243874] – Added new SLA report to summarize achievement across all SLA’s
    [RM 243444-A] – New report ‘Imminent SLA Breaches’, by process, created in Service Level Reports
    [RM 244879] – A new field ‘Max Results’ has been added to the report builder to limit the number of results returned by aggregate functions in the report builder
    [RM 245058/243760] – Added more chart types to the report builder
    [RM 245241] – Added Request History ‘text’ field for comparison when building reports
    [RM 243467] – Reports that return time will no longer return partial hour values as decimals and will instead return these as HH:mm (hours and minutes)
    [RM 242611] – Organization based reports now have a ‘by Organization’ equivalent so company-wide reports can be generated (encapsulating all child org units, i.e. the departments)
    [RM 245341] – Report builder client picker now allows searching by both first and last name 
    [RM 244715] – Added session based parameters for team of current user

    Requests (general)

    [RM 242074] – Added new filters to allow users to view requests by escalation layer to which they are assigned, being more granular than just a team level view
    [RM 245225] – Workflow state flag to prevent requests from being edited by technicians & partners
    [RM 243860] – The ‘Related’ requests window now includes the request numbers (was in mouse-over)
    [RM 243873] – The alert ribbon will now take the user to the appropriate data entry section of the target object (where applicable) when clicked, e.g. Clicking an SLA breach, takes users to the breach data
    [RM 242138] – It is now possible to search for requests belonging to deleted technicians, provided you know the name of the deleted technician
    [RM 244107] – Added a new option to optionally allow requests that a technician has edit rights to, to automatically open in edit mode
    [RM 243796/242576/242076/241975/241951/245141/244700/244304] – Overhaul of the request search options relating to workflows, statuses, teams, technicians and other parameters to allow multiple selections, as well as adding more date fields
    [RM 245313] – Added an ability when escalating requests to be able to select a layer to escalate to in order to better handle multiple escalation stages
    [RM 243704] – When converting request types, efforts will now be made to retain custom field data where it appears to make sense
    [RM 243029] – Added new visibility controls for notes so that public/private has now become a three- way selection of ‘technicians’, ‘technicians & partners’ or ‘customers, technicians & partners’
    [RM 248096] – The item details tooltip will now split across two columns if more than 20 fields are active for the category of the selected item

    Request Groups

    [RM 245044] – Request Group elements tab now supports the ability to create a new request in the context of the group
    [RM 241989] – Groups now have a ‘close’ button that can be used to close all requests within a group

    Service Level Management

    [RM 243471] – VIP SLAs now include a visual (selectable color) queue for lists where any VIP SLA is defined and associated with an individual
    [RM 243769] – VIP color coding is applied and visible in the requests lists
    [RM 245316] – It is now possible to have cc lists defined on SLA’s for inclusion in SLA related notifications (breaches or reviews)
    [RM 241963] – It is now possible to add CC lists for urgent requests
    [RM 244603-A] – When converting times from hours to minutes the value will actually convert 
    [RM 244603-B] – Fractions of hours are now supported (i.e. 1.5hrs = 90 minutes)


    [RM 243000] – It is now possible to search for customers by city
    [RM 245085] – Technicians can now create (& manage) their own personal set of note templates 
    [RM 244867] – The user who creates any given user is now recorded and can be reported on 
    [RM 242469] – Added reverse audit feature so a users’ activity can be viewed in one place


    [RM 245337/244764/243747] – The workflow editor now allows selection of colors to represent each state
    [RM 245278] – Workflow states can now have a customer alias so that a workflow can continue but appear transparent to the customer
    [RM 245332] – Customers can now be restricted from updating requests using workflow state options

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.0 (r8014)

    [RM 249046] - Corrected issue where escalation layer targeting wasn't working as intended for system assigned technicians

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.1 (r8046)

    RM 242055 - Technicians and Partners ability to create org units now mirrors the create customer permission for these roles
    RM 242118 - Corrected an issue where some charts would render 0 to 7 decimal places
    RM 242130 - Knowledge articles can now be related  to entire categories of configuration items
    RM 242175 - Added tab ordering to the customer request details search panel
    RM 242265 - 'Notify on new' team setting will now apply to all owners when relevant
    RM 243084 - Request classification for new requests can now be captured from the subject of an email using the email action keyword
    RM 243146 - Corrected the technician displayed when line manager approval is actioned in the customer portal
    RM 244806 - Report builder now supports creating reports based on request response and restoration timers
    RM 246267 - Fixed an issue where re-sending a private note would add the customer to the recipients
    RM 246426 - Solution article content is once again being added as a note when accepted as the solution
    RM 246685 - Corrected an issue where adding a contract to a customer through the customer editor could fail when using an Oracle database
    RM 247383, 249346 - Added a new timer to the service details showing SLA resolution clock, in addition to the existing 'calendar' resolution clock
    RM 247745 - Bulk request editor now supports layer 1 assignments when working with service requests
    RM 248889 - Applied consistent ordering to OK and Cancel buttons where they appear
    RM 249046 - System assigned escalation allocation is once again working as intended
    RM 249128 - Failed login message is now identical regardless of if the username or password was entered incorrectly
    RM 249318 - Known value picker for OU searches on requests will now respect the selected hierarchy
    RM 249338 - The Category Field IDs will now always be shown to users irrespective of the existence of an AMIE connection
    RM 249382 - Note history element in the request summary email template will now respect the note visibility rules depending on the recipients of the note
    RM 249388 - Computrace AMIE imports with owner imports will now respect the 'ignore domain' setting
    RM 249412 - Corrected a missing localization in the event calendar
    RM 249471 - Corrected a stylesheet issue when accessing a serviced customer survey where the customer also has access to the user portal
    RM 249540 - Corrected an issue with colour display for workflow states when using IE 11
    RM 249541 - Adjusted the request print view presentation of the subject and description field to make better use of the page width

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.1 (r8106)

    RM 250101 – Further improved inline image detection when processing incoming emails
    RM 250464 – Corrected an issue with the AD/LDAP sync where the primary email for a user was set to an alias the alias couldn’t be deleted if the alias was removed from the server
    RM 250512 – Applied consistent sorting of team lists in dropdown list selectors
    RM 250630 – Fixed an issue with the resource map when LiveTime is accessed over https
    RM 250632 – Identifier fields displayed in lists without a value will no longer insert a <br> tag before the closing brace character
    RM 250633 – Corrected a NullPointerException that could be triggered in the Alert editor in a particular execution sequence
    RM 250634 – Request Status by Technician (Active/Closed) report column widths have been adjusted to more appropriate sizes
    RM 250636 – Export to excel will now export numeric values as numbers instead of text
    RM 250637 – The dual list selector now sorts the existing selections correctly when being displayed within all editors
    RM 250638 – Corrected an issue where the closed requests by technician report would generate the incorrect report in some cases
    RM 250747 – Improved some logging of the self-remediation for some date fields that can be unset in limited circumstances where a user fails to save certain changes.

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.1 (r8126)

    RM 251048 — ' ' is no longer stripped from the source when entering a note as HTML source
    RM 251098 — Corrected an issue where requests were being committed in SLA inactive state with no 'onhold' date

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.2 (r8160)

    RM 251585 - Enable SHA-256 certificate for SAML integration
    RM 251453 - Limit the length of the to, cc & bcc headers to 16k characters each in email sending thread and send multiple messages when exceeded
    RM 250810 - Corrected KBA query in the customer portal when more than 2000 item types are available to the customer
    RM 251304 - Fixed null pointer when users with just the manager role access a direct link to the customer portal
    RM 251204 - Not able to delete note template if it has been used before (not in use)

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.8.2 (r8225)
    [RM 251695] – Corrected a issue where date formats were not correctly applied to some emails
    [RM 251728] – Corrected an intermittent error that could occur using the team picker in some pages
    [RM 251737] – Corrected an error that could occur when testing a custom report where a parameter
    field has a known value picker attached
    [RM 251790] – Corrected an issue with SLA timers triggering prematurely when a proposed solution was
    cleared after the initial due date
    [RM 251838] – The workflow ‘Note Action’ will now trigger for notes from BOTH the email notes AND
    notes added from within the customer portal
    [RM 251899] – SLA Audit trail now stores alert data
    [RM 251900] – Leading zeroes are now permitted on custom field input masks
    [RM 251901] – Corrected an org unit display name issue
    [RM 251975] – Corrected a null pointer error in the SLA bulk editor
    [RM 252154] – Corrected a full-text search issue associated with leading/trailing spaces
    [RM 252182] – Corrected an intermittent error when exporting lists to Excel
    [RM 252756] – Modified email header handling for threading of survey message sent to large audiences