Numbers are not displayed with a decimal point correctly.

Version 1


    Every number in our system gets converted in an integer. If we put  "12.25" in it does show "1225". This happens in every BO. We can not  insert numbers with decimals.


    It is determined by the field workspace in the Business Object.  You can find this information in the below link.


    Includes integers and real numbers. You can specify the precision.






    Total Number Of Digits


    Number of digits allowed in the data value.




    The number of digits used after the decimal   symbol in the data value. If you enter zero, you get an integer.


    In the Fields workspace, this is displayed as one of the following:




    Number (a,b),   where a is the value of the Total Number Of Digits parameter   and b is the value of thePrecision parameter.




    Integer,   when the value of the Precision parameter is 0, indicating that this is a whole number.