How To: Clone parent object and associated child object

Version 1


    Customer requires the ability to Clone an Object and include all the associated child  Frs_ITFM_Transaction Costs in the new Clone.


    To achieve this you first you need to create an extra Link field on your  parent object to store a RecId of the Orignal BO (the one you're  cloning from) and a One to Many relationship.

    Use a Clone Object Quick Action to clone the parent and be sure to set the field just created to RecId of the original.

    Then add a Run For Child Quick Action to make a Composite Quick Action.
    Select the relationship to the Child
    Add a new Quick Action of type Clone Object to run on all the children.
    When  they are cloned they will have the original parent set in their  ParentLink field we are going to use this relationship to get to the  Original parent BO and then use the relationship created above to get  the RecId of the Clone.

    Below is a screen shot of the Clone Quick Action on the child Business Object
    In  the example below Contract# is the parent BO  [Contact#.ContractAssocFrs_ITFM_Transaction] is the relationship between  the child and the parent and [Contract#.Orginal] is One to Many  relationship created between the Original and the Cloned.

    The  record below is getting it's parent and then the cloned record from the  parent. The relationships are "daisy chained" together.