User Devices not authorized after firmware upgrade

Version 1


    All Lumension Device Control (LDC) versions


    The Model Id and Unique ID of a Device as detected by LDC are affected by the Hardware ID that the device presents to the Windows system as such:

    Model ID is a sha1sum of the device Hardware ID
    Unidue ID is a sha1sum of the Instance ID (actual serial) + Hardware ID


    The firmware upgrades of many device types (e.g. iOS devices) changes the Hardware ID and cause them to not be detected as the same Device when it is next plugged into the endpoint.
    This will result in the loss of any permissions set for the old-firmware Device.
    There is currently no way to reverse engineer the New Hardware ID back to the Old Hardware ID to give continuity of access rights. The loss of device access rights is an expected outcome as technically the device is now different as a firmware upgrade has taken place.

    If you wish to continue managing the device, it should be re-added following a firmware upgrade.