Lumension EMSS Device Control: RAR and ACE Archive Files Not Supported on x64 Systems

Version 1


    Lumension Device Control Module 7.x

    Users of HEATsoftware EMSS Device Control have encountered problems detecting RAR and ACE archive files on endpoints with x64 systems. This issue makes the reading and transferring of these archive files to and from devices on such systems impossible.

    The "WinRaR Compressed Archive" option has been removed as a file type filtering option on the File Filter Settings page of Device Control policy creation wizards. RAR and ACE archive files will be detected and filtered by x86 systems only when the "Archive" node is selected (along with all other archive family type files).

    Existing Policy Sets that had the "WinRaR Compressed Archive" option set will automatically have their Archive file type filtering apply to the whole archive familly.