Upgrading to Absolute Service 8+ - Additional steps for Apache/Tomcat manual war file based installation.

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    When upgrading a manual war file based Absolute Service installation to version 8 for the first time, where Apache with Tomcat is used, extra steps are required to update the references from LiveTime to Service, in addition to those in the upgrade guide. This documents these steps should this installation method wish to still be used.


    When upgrading a manual installation of Absolute Service using Apache with Tomcat, the following needs to be done if wishing to continue using this installation method. This is in addition to the steps in the upgrade guide:

    All references to LiveTime need to be replaced in the Apache configuration.

    Typically these can be found in one of the following locations, depending on the operating system in use:

    C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache\conf\httpd.conf

    Some versions have configuration file extension files stored in other files or folders in locations under those locations above. Refer to the documentation for Apache if unsure where to look for your particular installation.

    If unsure on the Linux/Mac platform which to file edit, try running the following:

    cd /etc/apache2 (or httpd as applicable)
    grep -r LiveTime *

    This should identify files containing 'LiveTime' which could look like this:

    apache2.conf: Alias /WebObjects/LiveTime.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/ "/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/LiveTime/WEB-INF/LiveTime.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/"
    apache2.conf: JkMount /LiveTime/* ajp13
    apache2.conf: RewriteRule ^/$ /LiveTime/WebObjects/LiveTime.woa [R]

    The last line may not be in there if a browser redirect was not configured as this was an optional step in the original instructions.

    These are the lines we need to edit to replace LiveTime with Service. However, the first two lines can be duplicated to allow the option of rolling back.

    The paths may vary depending on where Tomcat and Apache were installed. Also on Windows the paths would certainly be different here is an example of how the parts of the configuration file configured for Absolute Service might read after making these changes:

    <IfModule mod_jk.c>
    JkWorkersFile "/usr/local/tomcat/conf/worker.properties"
    JkLogFile "/usr/local/tomcat/logs/mod_jk.log"
    JkShmFile "/usr/local/tomcat/logs/jk-runtime-status"
    JkLogLevel error
    Alias /WebObjects/LiveTime.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/ "/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/LiveTime/WEB-INF/LiveTime.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/"
    Alias /WebObjects/Service.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/ "/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/Service/WEB-INF/Service.woa/Contents/WebServerResources/"
    JkMount /LiveTime/* ajp13
    JkMount /Service/* ajp13

    <Directory />
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteLog /var/log/apache2/rewrite.log

    # everything else is handled by our application
    RewriteRule ^/$ /Service/WebObjects/Service.woa [R]

    This shows the Alias line duplicated, the JkMount line duplicated and the RewriteRule line updated.

    Once this update is saved, the Apache service would need restarting.

    On Windows, this can be done by finding Apache under Administrative Tools > Services, right clicking, then selecting restart.

    On Linux/Mac, this can be done by the normal methods for restarting the service, which varies depending on distribution, but typically /etc/init.d/httpd restart (or apache2 in place of httpd) would do this.