Troubleshooting hardware device issues following LES DC client installation

Version 3


    Lumension Endpoint Security (LES) with Device Control (DC) enabled, all supported versions




    After installing the DC client and rebooting, if your hardware device is not longer working/initializing the LES client may be preventing the device driver from loading.

    The device in question may not start or have a yellow exclamation mark next to it in Device Manager per below:



    Permissions test via machine-specific

    •   To test for a permissions issue, give the ‘Everyone’ group read/write access at the top level of one test machine via Machine-Specific Settings per below screenshot (this includes localsystem/localservice etc):


    •   Next, ensure that this permission gets to the endpoint by using "Tools > Send Updates to…" in the Management Console or hitting Refresh Settings via the LES tray icon on the client itself.
    •   Then, re-attach the device or reboot the client machine and see if there is any change. If it works at this stage then the device (or perhaps a component of that device) did not have the required permission granted. You will see from the previously logged read/write-denied events in Log Explorer what device/user was denied. Armed with this information, you may add the device in the usual manner and assign appropriate permissions.

    Checking if there is a conflict with our Extensions technology

    If you have the SK-NDIS component enabled on the client you may disable/try without SK-NDIS if device is network related.

    If you still face issues please contact HEAT software Technical Support.