GoldMine Help - Online Help - blocked, In GoldMine when clicking Help > GoldMine Help nothing happens, there is no error presented or any browser displayed containing the GoldMine help links.

Version 1



    - One or more users cannot launch the online help within GoldMine using Help > GoldMine Help.

    - No error comes up, but nothing happens. 



    - GoldMine 'stores' the last location of the Online Help window and the related value got either corrupt or are not possible anymore on the current used screen (for example - due to removing a second monitor, switching monitors etc)

    The stored values in the USER.INI file need to be reset

    1. Log affected user out of GoldMine.
    2. Open the affected user's username.ini file located on the server's GoldMine share.
    3. Locate the following section:


    4 - Blank out any existing value after the equal sign for the four entries below:


    Alternatively delete the whole section [OnlineHelp]

    5. Save and close the user.ini file.
    6. Login to GoldMine as the affected user and test the result.