When creating a new contact record in GoldMine, users used to be able to type the city then click the F2 lookup for the Zip field and select from available zip codes for the provided city. 

Version 1


    After working with user options the functionality of being able to select from multiple zip code options in the ZIP F2 lookup when creating a new record providing the city stopped working.




    - There is a Zip Code validation setting in Tools > Options > Record tab > ZIP/Postal Code Validation; this is a per user setting.
    - The intended function is when providing a Zip Code, the City field is then populated based on the provided Zip Code.  To learn about what each available option does please see the GoldMine Premium Edition Administrator Guide > User Administration > Managing User Options > Setting Options for the Record Tab.
    - ONLY When creating a new contact record an additional function is available where the reverse logic, when a City is provided then the user can click the F2 lookup arrow then select a Zip Code for the provided City is available.  This functionality is not intended and does not work when working on an existing contact record.

    - This works when the option 'Default to primary city' is chosen for the user.

    - The above functionality is helpful when creating new contact records where a Zip Code is not provided.  

    Most cities have multiple zip codes so it is best to either lookup the zip code based off of the street address and city on the internet.  Selecting the wrong zip code for the correct city can result in returned mail, undelivered mail, or delayed delivery.