Incident Queue - How do I create a job queue without assigning a technician?

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    Incident Queue
    How do I create a job queue without assigning a technician? We want to use this job queue with an outside vendor that comes in once a month. As new incidents are reported during the month we want to place them into the designed queue for processing for when the technician arrives.


    Please advise on step by step procedures.



    Steps to enable an incident job queue, create a team, enable the incident queue for the team, make it so incidents go to this team, and set the incidents to the technician once logged in.


    Step 1 - Enable the 'Incident Queue' Feature for Requests (on a team by team basis, default is off) by navigating through the Admin login to 'Setup -- Privileges -- Requests -- Incident Queue' -- Turn the Incident Queue option On.


    Step 2 - Create a team in order for these incidents to be routed to. This could be named 'Outside Tech Incidents' (I will replace Vendor with Tech to avoid confusion.) You have the option of using an email address to have incidents created from for this team or you can modify CI as described in another step below or both.


    Step 3 - Edit your Outside Tech team and change Incident Queue from 'Off' to 'On' here.


    Step 4 - Ensure that you have the proper layer and team members assigned to the Team including the outside tech and anyone that may need to assist with incidents and in any layers that you deem appropriate.


    Step 5 - If the incidents that are intended to be dealt with by the outside technician are going to be created in part or entirely from the customer portal then you can modify specific Items to make the default support Team for those items the Outside Tech Team. So in other words you can modify the Items that will be applied to incidents that the technician will be later handling.


    (This is because when incidents are logged through the customer portal, if the default support Team for the Item applied to the Incident has the Incident Queue option enabled, the requests are forwarded to the 'Incident Queue')


    Step 6 - Viewing the Incident Queue Filter. Teams that use the Incident Queue method for Incident assignment can view and allocate Incidents using the Incident Queue List Filter. To view the Incident Queue : Step A. Select the Incidents Tab. Step B. Go to the Filter List. Step C. Select the Incident Queue option from the drop down list. The screen will list all the Incidents that are currently assigned to the System User. (The 'System User' is a special user that these type of incidents are assigned to until someone logs in to view them and self-assign or reassign to a member of an incident queue enabled team.)


    Step 7 - Assigning Incidents from the Queue: This is a simple matter of the outside technician logging in, clicking an incident reference # hyperlink, and clicking edit on the incident. From the Technician drop down the technician can select himself from the list. The incident will now be assigned to your 'outside vendor' who is really just a regular technician who you have now made a member of your special team.


    If any questions remain on the Incident Queue please email [email protected].