LiveTime Release Notes[Uploaded File]

Version 1


    Release Notes for LiveTime release

    This patch addresses one major, and 16 minor changes relating to reported issues or minor enhancements requested by customers since the release of LiveTime v8.7.1.



    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.7.2 - (May 1, 2016)

    [10164830] - The full-text indexing system has been restructured to better reflect the functions being provided and allow users to see the indexing status. In addition, PDF Parsing for full text indexing has been modified to now only index the first 100 pages of any given PDF, and no PDF greater than 10MB in size will be indexed.

    [10164852] - Corrected an issue where a customer note added via email could cause an SLA breach to fire due to the time on-hold being disregarded from the calculation
    [10164840] - The number of decimal places in the purchase order tax rate has been limited to 2
    [10164837] - The second tier menu will no longer change based on the currently selected 'sub-section'
    [10164836] - Excel exports of data lists will now limit text based output to 32,767 characters per cell
    [10164834] - Fixed an issue relating to the display of public holidays and defined working hours for users
    [10164833] - Partners using the mobile applications will now have the correct data visibility rules applied when viewing shared filters
    [10164832] - Service Catalog filters in the Configuration section are once again functioning as intended
    [10164831] - Searches in the Home section using the 'Team' scope will now limit the scope as intended
    [10164820] - The 'Items' Tab will now be hidden if the 'Customer Items' privilege is set to off (rather than displaying an empty list)
    [10164819] - Corrected an issue affecting Oracle database installs where users were prevented from accessing to the request analysis tab when a proposed solution was present
    [10164816] - Single Sign-On Accounts with user roles having been removed will correctly block access to the appropriate portals (or completely if no roles are enabled).
    [10164814] - Corrected an issue where pasting from a word document into a request description or not was (in some circumstances) impacting the application display of that content in read mode
    [10164813] - Corrected an issue where sorting by org unit could, in some circumstances, cause the 'select all' behaviour to appear to not work as intended
    [10164811] - The 'In Response To' prefix when replying to a note can now be customized by the Administrator in the Localization section
    [10164801] - Performing a 'blank' search in the analysis tab, when attempting to link requests, will return all requests of the customer assigned to the current request
    [10164790] - Fixed a minor display issue in the login page, where multiple separators could appear if some public functions have been disabled