Agent Configuration Name: Not changed after changing the name of the agent and redeploying to a computer

Version 2


    In the 32 bit console go to Tools | Configuration | Agent Configuration. Right click on the agent and click Rename then give the agent a new name. When deploying the agent using "Schedule agent deployment" or "Schedule update to agent settings" the agent configuration name is not updated on the client. (Registry key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient | Configuration Name)



    The name of the agent configuration is stored as the name of the agent configuration .ini file in ...\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\LDLogon\(AgentName).ini. When right clicking on an agent and changing the name through the rename menu item, the name of the agent configuration .ini is not changed.



    1) Right click on an agent configuration and click Rename


    2) Change the name of the agent

    3) Click the "Rebuld All" button at the top of the Agent Configuration window


    4) Right click on the agent configuration and choose

    Schedule agent deployment


    Schedule update to agent settings

    Note: This creates a scheduled task to update or re-deploy the agent


    5) Drag computers into the agent update or deployment task then right click and start the task

    6) After the task has completed check the inventory of the device to see that the agent configuration name has changed - Right click a device and click Inventory then go to LANDesk Management