How to use the report designer to create a Software Count report pre-LDMS 9.0

Version 10

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 9.0 and OlderEndpoint Manager 2016.x

    Description:  This covers the steps necessary to generate a report that shows installed software and displays it grouped by software count. Through this method of using the report designer you can edit what is displayed and what is not displayed. By default a report on software will display every computer where the software is installed. This shows you how to count each device where the software is installed and provide a total without displaying the devices.


    Example of the report:





    1) Launch the LANDesk Management suite 32 bit console
    2) Right click My Queries and click “New Query…”
    3) Select Device Name – Exists
    4) Click Insert
    5) Click the button labeled Select Columns

    6) Remove the columns on the right with the << and leave the column labeled Device Name
    7) Select the Machine Component: Computer | Application Suites | Application Suite | Name and click the button labeled >>

    8) Change the sort order to have Application Name be 1 then Device Name to be 2
    9) Name the Query and click Save


    10) Go to Tools | Reporting / Monitoring | Reports
    11) Click on My Reports
    12) Click the New Custom Report button



    13) Name the report and give it a description
    14) Click the button labeled Select

    15) Select the query that was created in steps 1-8
    16) Click the button labeled Select

    17) Click the button labeled Design

    18) Delete the fields of Device Name and Name out of the section labeled DetailHeader

    19) Right click on the Page Header and click Insert > "Insert Group Header_Footer"

    20) Click on the Group Header1 title bar so the properties for the Group Header1 is displayed in the properties box on the right
    21) In the properties box click on the field labeled "DataField"
    22) Click the drop down box by DataField and click Name (This represents Application Name)

    23) In the Data Fields section at the top right click and drag the Data Field labeled "Name" into the GroupFooter1 section

    24) Click and drag the Data Field labeled "DeviceName" into the section labeled GroupFooter1

    25) Scroll down the properties window on the right until you find the summary section
    Change the SummaryFunc to Count
    Change the SummaryGroup to GroupHeader1
    Change the SummaryRunning to Group
    Change the SummaryType to SubTotal

    26) Click on the DetailHeader and change the property for "Visible" to False (do the same for GroupHeader, Detail and DetailFooter)

    27) Add Text Boxes to the PageHeader section to label your columns ("Application Suite" and "Number of Installations")

    28) Change the text in the textbox in the properties for the text box under Data | Text



    29) Save the report design

    30) Preview the report to see what other cosmetic changes you feel are necessary. Some additional formatting may be desired.

    31) Click OK to save the report