Migrating Absolute Service from an On Premise installation to the Absolute Service SaaS cloud

Version 1


    Outline of steps involved in moving Absolute Service on premise to Absolute Service SaaS


    Before getting started with Absolute's SaaS based ITSM solution we must follow this outline for the migration.

    Outline of migration

    Absolute Service will require your database and output directory to be moved to the Cloud where we have deployed a cloud edition of Absolute Service which is then connected to these sources. After the move we perform system checks to ensure everything is perfect.

    Summary of steps


    • Export the current production Absolute Service database in use from whichever RDBMS. (An example of a RDBMS is Microsoft SQL or MySQL. )
    • Open ports on the firewall for the Cloud IP range of as directed/required: AMIE (FTP for example) or AD (TCP and UDP 389 for LDAP, TCP 636 for LDAP SSL).
    • Compress the output directory into a zip file. The location of this folder will vary depending if you have used the ServiceInstaller.jar installation or a Virtual Appliance installation. The Virtual Appliance will require Global Support to help you access and export this folder. On any other operating system the folder is the :(Absolute Install Location)/Service location.
    • We will provide a customer ftp location to upload both the compressed Absolute database from your RDBMS, and the compressed output directory where all attachments are stored.
    • Perform all tasks leading up to the launch such as checking database integrity.
    • Perform any conversion work and file extractions.
    • Launch a cloud instance of Absolute Service which has been customized for the customer needs.
    • Import the backed up database files into the cloud db server.
    • Import the back up of the output folder into the cloud instance.
    • Perform follow up test login and attachment integrity checks as well as any indexing for searches.