LiveTime 8.7 Release Notes

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    LiveTime 8.7 Release Notes


    HEAT LiveTime v8.7

    This release of HEAT LiveTime focuses on refinements to the existing feature set, improved navigation and addressing some common requests from the customer base.

    Over 100 change requests have been incorporated into this release of the application in addition to the changes incorporated during the 8.6 patch cycle.

    The most significant change noticeable to users of the technician & administration portals will be the reworked menu system along with new application logos to reflect the change in ownership from Absolute Software to HEAT Software and name change from Absolute Service to HEAT LiveTime.

    In addition we have made numerous changes to AMIE, both by including new connectors and providing per-user logins to the HEAT LanREV tool for integrated endpoint actions. Additionally, email conversation threading should streamline the email traffic in users' email clients. Minor changes include allowing follow-up requests to be generated (to facilitate, say, the return of an item, or removal of a file, after a period of time) along with additional search and notification options.

    An additional impact of the ownership and name change is users of the installers (.jar/.exe files) and the self-install (.war file) will need to update their links to refer to 'LiveTime' in the URL strings (where it previously contained 'Service'). Virtual appliance users are unaffected by this change. Note too that the upgrade will move the content from the /Service output folder to a /LiveTime folder so please ensure the user executing the install has write permissions to the output parent directory (typically the root of the target disk for installation).

    We hope you enjoy using the latest version and look forward to your feedback as we add more exciting new features in the coming releases.

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.7.0


    [10164270] - LanREV user logins can now optionally be delegated to the individual technician accounts using the endpoint management solution rather than a centralised set of credentials which may provide too much access to certain users in some cases
    [10164271] - LanREV integration now has additional connection options so users that are making use of the Web UI can route requests through that gateway instead of going direct to the Absolute Manage server
    [10164391] - An AMIE mapping file has been added to facilitate CMDB imports from Spiceworks v7

    Configuration Management

    [10163307] - Item Types now have an option available to hide the manufacturer from the detail presented to customers in the self-help portal
    [10164074] - Warranty End Date is now selectable as a displayed column in the item list
    [10164459] - Item Type custom fields can now be managed using the bulk editor to reduce the instances where the same field has to be created multiple times as it's common among a number of item types
    [10164460] - It is now possible to search for items based on the AMIE source of the underlying item data
    [10164521] - Items now have an optional field to fill with a cc list for outage notifications that will be copied the outage detail in addition to the item owners

    Customer Portal

    [10163540] - Technician Chat functionality has been greatly expanded and no longer requires customers to have open requests in order to chat with a logged in technician who can now take an adhoc chat from a customer and generate (or update) one (or more) requests within the service desk (depending on the chat content)
    [10163764] - An option has been added to allow Administrators to hide the 'Notify Others' field in the customer portal when customers are creating requests via the UI
    [10164088-A] - The 'Title' of the customer portal can now be customized
    [10164088-B] - A new option has been added to hide the item status from the detail shown in the customer portal
    [10164156] - When selecting a service from the services list in the customer portal, if 'service incidents' is set to 'no' in the setup, the request type will automatically be set to service request


    [10164311] - Request Stream Dashboard Widget now contains the customer name along with the org unit name associated with each respective request


    [10163102] - Email Headers now contain sufficient information to conform to the conversation view now available in most email clients so that related emails are kept together in a single 'thread'
    [10163310] - Email templates that apply to requests (of any type), now allow the SLA expectations (response, restoration & resolution times, respectively) to be passed as parameters, and populated when corresponding with customers via email
    [10163368] - Request notes that have been emailed to customers can now be re-sent using the audience as it appears in the request at the time the re-send feature is used (as opposed to the previous function where it sent only to the original audience)
    [10163386] - The technician name can now be included in response templates where an individual technician can be associated with the sending of a given message
    [10164344] - Service Providers associated with underpinning contracts will now correctly be emailed notes for requests that are designated as being handled by a vendor under a contract, and the default vendor will only be notified if they are also the selected vendor within the request

    Knowledge Management

    [10163515] - Added an option that results in a relaxation of the requirement to specify a category and item type when creating knowledge articles
    [10163949] - Added a link to knowledge base articles that generates an email when clicked to simplify the process of sharing an article with a third party


    [10163184] - Events (or Public Holidays) can now be uploaded to LiveTime from a CSV formatted file upload, with a template available to advise of the formatting
    [10163387] - The default columns shown to a user logging in to the application for the first time is now consistent with the 'fail-over' view for Change Requests when a view in use by a user has been deleted
    [10163890] - Audit trails of the auditable entities within LiveTime now allow the history to be exported to CSV in addition to the existing PDF output
    [10164362] - The menu bar tab system has been replaced with a more modern navigation system that allows direct access to sub-sections of the main menu
    [10164400] - Memory management improved to detect when LiveTime is approaching the memory limit allocated to the Java process, and efforts made to then bring this down when this is the case. Users attempting to login under these conditions will be presented with a message to try again soon rather than risk bringing the system offline by adding too many sessions, while logged in users can continue working
    [10164559] - Manage application output location name change from Service back to LiveTime

    Updated ORM to latest version to take advantage of latest features and performance improvements
    Reworked text based user-interface searches to use the application full-text indexes rather than 'like' database queries

    Purchase Orders

    [10163925-A] - Applicable tax rates are now a function of the vendor and these will be now be injected into the PO if defined, overriding the system default tax rate
    [10163925-B] - The name of the tax applied to a purchase order is now defined at the vendor level, allowing for GST/HST/VAT depending on vendor location, rather than being a system level assumed consistency
    [10163925-C] - Tooltip added to the originator and deliver to fields of the purchase order to provide visibility into the locations of the individuals allocated
    [10164303, 10163925-D] - Purchase Order entities (and those related to purchase orders) have been incorporated into the report builder
    [10163954] - Added more columns to the purchase order default view and adjusted the default width of this view to be more inline with the operations view
    [10164329] - Part numbers & prices (where specified in the item type) will now pre-populate the associated field(s) when creating PO line items

    Org Units

    [10163852] - Org Units are now able to be merged together to allow for cases where typos or incorrect capitalization results in multiple org units being created which are otherwise effectively the same

    Quick Calls

    [10163537] - Quick Calls that have a technician assigned in the Quick Call configuration will now use the technician in the Quick Call, ignoring the self-assign setting
    [10163857] - A search page has been added to the Quick Call list area within the user home section of the technician portal to simplify access in instances where there are a large number of quick calls defined


    [10163915] - The representation of closure codes in request reports has been improved so that the nesting of the closure codes within the closure code tree are now displayed in the report output, rather than just the direct closure code label
    [10164173] - The report builder now allows the technician full name to be included in the generated output when reporting against requests
    [10164385]- The representation of classifications in request reports has been improved so that the nesting of the classifications within the classification tree are now displayed in the report output, rather than just the direct classification label
    [10164386] - Deleted classifications and closure codes will now be identified more easily in reports as they will be denoted '(deleted)' in the report output
    [10164440] - Response, Restore and Resolution times are now available on the report builder entities when reporting against SLA's, OLA's & Underpinning Contracts

    Requests (general)

    [10163426] - Added a new option to prevent users from recording a time of zero when adding a note to a request, better handling the 'chargeback' model of service costing, but also allowing better recording of time more generally
    [10163504] - The display order of Impact, Urgency and Priority dropdown boxes has been updated to reflect the actual severity level of each of these fields (respectively) rather than sorting the names of the values alphabetically
    [10163599, 10164095] - Incidents that have been merged back to a 'parent' request can now be searched for by their original request id, and will be returned to the technician and when accessed by the technician, a link will be presented referring them to the parent request
    [10163606] - Request alerts can now be broadcast to the assigned team (in addition to the existing audience options of the alerts)
    [10163931] - Filters that use full text parameters can now be saved and re-loaded like other filters (leaving only date based filters as unable to do this)
    [10164042, 10163964] - The analysis tab of a service request now provides a facility to generate another, like, service request to the one being worked on, so it will have the same customer and item as the current request, and linked to the current request, but otherwise be new (start of the workflow, no description)
    [10164028] - Analysis tab has a new option to allow a follow-up request to be scheduled for creation X days after the current request has been closed, allowing technicians to (for example) arrange the return of an item or remove a file from a file share
    [10164056] - Refined approval notification audiences to ensure the right managers are receiving the right approval notifications in all instances
    [10164131] - Corrected a case where unavailable technicians were missing some notifications in certain situations that they should have been
    [10164238] - Request handshaking has been modified slightly so that under SLA's that are not 24x7, the working hours will be better reflected so that the number of days to pause will only apply to days when the sla says the service desk is operating
    [10164384] - When completing a 'Release' within the Release and Deployment management process, closing the release will now cascade the closure throughout the objects in the associated process hierarchy, so all associated change requests, problem, incident and service request records will be closed when the Release object is closed
    [10164508] - Mouseover added to the customer details to provide visibility into org unit and custom field data relating to the customer of the request being edited
    [10164510] - Customer custom field content is now able to be published in the request list
    [10164552] - Applying a deployment task definition to an CI will no longer clear a field in the case that it is blank in the deployment representation (removing the need for users to populate this with the existing value in order for the content to remain)

    Service Level Management

    [10164383] - Service Provider vendors can now be allocated alias email addresses to facilitate the case where a vendor has an inbox to receive correspondence, and an alternate address from which they send messages in reply


    [10163489] - Users' vacations being managed by the system can now be cancelled when they are in progress due to a user returning to work early, or them not having taken a vacation as planned
    [10164280] - Bulk editor for customer objects now allows the partner OU to be selected
    [10164450] - Active Directory domains can now optionally be hidden from the login page for organizations supporting multiple domains but wanting to not publish that list of domains online (and in this case users will login using their AD qualified UPN)

    Web Services

    [10163912] - Requests of any type are now searchable by full-text analysis using the SOAP web services, via a new arbitrary parameter, 'fulltext'


    [10163863] - A search page has been added to the Workflow list area within the 'Service' section of the technician portal to simplify access in instances where there are a large number of Workflows defined
    [10164360] - Underpinning Contract assigned states of a workflow can no longer be approval states as this prevents the request from ever exiting the underpinning contract assigned state

    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in 8.7.1

    [10164788] - Updated AMIE support for HEAT Discovery 9.4 (formerly Centennial Discovery)
    [10164784] - Request PDFs that include attachments referenced from request groups will now export correctly
    [10164782] - Top level navigation entries in the new menu can now be clicked, taking users a relevant default within that domain
    [10164779] - Knowledge PDF exports will now include download links to attached files
    [10164774] - SLA notification emails will no longer double up on the '%' character when showing percentage elapsed
    [10164771] - Corrected an issue that could prevent timesheets being exported to PDF correctly
    [10164770] - Relaxed LANrev remote control restriction allowing items that belong to other CI categories to be remote controlled. (This will be derived based on the LANrev integration field for IP address)
    [10164768] - The 'new' request creation button in the customer request history will once again work as intended
    [10164753] - A new customer privilege has been added to give customers the power to delete attachments (in case they upload one by mistake). In a future release this will be limited to only attachments that the customer has added. Use with care in 8.7.x.
    [10164752] - Request & Item audit trails can now be downloaded using SOAP Web Services
    [10164750] - Corrected an issue where a poorly formatted HTML file was able to cause the indexer thread to hang
    [10164736] - Corrected a number of context sensitive help links that weren't functioning as intended
    [10164732] - Requests by classification report has been corrected (as it was including requests that shouldn't have been)
    [10164728] - Upgrade will now trigger a re-index, which is required for customer, user and item type searches to work in 8.7.x
    [10164684] - Note time entry can now (optionally) take decimal values as fractions of an hour (which will be converted internally to minutes, but simplifies data entry for orgs working in whole and/or partial hours)
    [10164626] - Modifying and re-uploading an AMIE customization will now update on load as intended (this was being cached in some cases, requiring a restart to take effect)
    [10164788] - Added new canned report for time estimates

    [10164592] - Request records have had a corrective action facility added to cater to some cases of requests losing partial information in certain specific scenarios. Such requests will be (as much as possible) reconstructed based on the audit data. If the audit trail contains insufficient detail to reconstruct the request, users may still be ejected, but this should eliminate this behaviour whilst we track down the root cause.