How is a full repair install of GoldMine done on a server or workstation?

Version 1


    - Sometimes for various reasons a "full" repair install needs to be performed.
    - A "Full" repair means more than simply opening Programs and Features selecting change on GoldMine then choosing the option "Repair".  In this case files are moved or deleted from the GoldMine install directory prior to launching the install wizard and selecting the "Repair" option; this forces the deleted files/folders to be replaced rather than updated or potentially looked over by the operating system repair.


    NOTE: If the repair install is being performed on a server or GoldMine undocked machine please ensure there are full backups of the GoldMine directory(ies) and GoldMine SQL database(s).

    On the GoldMine root directory on the server/workstation:
    1. Highlight all the dll’s, xml’s, exe’s and the TX32 folder (hold the control key and select multiple files)
    2. With all the files highlighted, right click and choose CUT
    3. Right click on the desktop and select New > Folder
    4. Double click the new folder to open
    5. Right click > PASTE all the files into the folder
    6. Open your windows Control Panel
    7. Go to Programs & Features
    8. Right click on GoldMine in the list
    9. Choose Change
    10. When the install wizard appears, choose repair
    11. Log into GoldMine to verify functionality
    12. Delete the temporary folder on the desktop