After using the Territory Realignment tool to move messages from one user to another, messages are not visable in the Inbox

Version 1


    When transferring activities from one user to another using Territory  Realignment messages do not show up in the Email Inbox for the user the  activites are transferred to, but do show in the Email Inbox of the  Activity list.


    Territory realignment has to move messages from one user to another on both the CAL table and MAILBOX table. Currently the tool will update the user on the CAL table but is not updating the user for the MAILBOX table.

    To view the emails:

    1. Click Go To > Activity List
    2. Expand E-mail on the left side menu
    3. Click Inbox

    4. On the top toolbar, choose Show: and choose a date range for those emails

    5. In the User: drop down choose the user in which the emails were just moved TO

    6. The emails that were supposed to be moved to the new user will now show under this list

    Support reference is  RM 166006