LiveTime Release Notes[Uploaded File]

Version 1


    Release Notes for LiveTime release

    This patch addresses one major, and 6 minor changes relating to reported issues or minor enhancements requested by customers since the release of LiveTime v8.7.2.7683



    Features, Fixes and Enhancements in - (May 18, 2016)

    [10164863] - Addressed a library compatibility issue within AMIE that would result in an error during the synchronization process
    [10164862] - Corrected an issue where the group template list would appear empty in certain circumstances
    [10164840] - Corrected an issue where the PDF output of a request could incorrectly render some note contents
    [10164837] - Corrected an issue where an incorrectly formatted HTML note, added via email, could corrupt the note interface
    [10164836] - Corrected a sorting issue on customer lists where the number of people with the same name exceeds the page size
    [10164834] - Corrected an issue that resulted in the sorting of the 'My Tasks' list in the 'Home' section would be lost on accessing a request
    [10164853] - Corrected an issue that would result in the item list of the customer portal not sorting correctly