How To: Schedule an Antivirus Bases (Pattern Files) Update to Run at Logon

Version 9



    The "Run when user logs in" option is grayed out in the Antivirus definition updates. I would still like my clients to update their AV definitions when they log in.





    You can create a Local Scheduler Configuration Script to to add this task to your clients.


    1. Open the LANDESK Management Suite console
    2. Click on Tools | Distribution | Manage Scripts
      Tools distribution manage scripts.png
    3. Click on "My Scripts"
    4. Click on "New Local Scheduler Configuration Script"
      Click New local Sch Con script.png
    5. Give the Script an appropriate name
    6. Click Add
      configure local scheduler.png
    7. Click "Run when user logs in"
    8. Type %LDMS_Client_Dir%\Antivirus\Ldav.exe in the command line.
    9. Type /Update in the Parameters line.
      Local Scheduler command.png
    10. Click Save twice.
    11. Right click on the script and choose Schedule
      Scedule task.png
    12. Drag the desired computers to this task and click start now.


    Warning: Following these steps can cause the client login time to increase while it is downloading AntiVirus definition updates. Use at your own risk.