When Approval Votes time out the approval stays in a status of pending

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    I have configured an approval block in an request offering. When the approval times out the approval votes are changed to cancelled, but the approval stays in pending. How can I update both the Approval Vote Tracking record and the Approval record




    What  happens when an approval times out is determined by the quick action  that you set in the Timeout drop down on the Approval Block.

    If  you want to cancel both the Approval Vote Tracking record and it's  parent Approval you can create a Composite type Quick Action

    1. In the Admin UI select Quick Actions under Automation Tools
    3. Find FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking in the list and click the Add/Edit link next to it
    5. From the Create New Action tab select Composite Action
    7. Give the Action a name and select Update Object from the Add new action drop down and click the plus button.
    9. You can then set the fields you want to update on the Vote Tracking records
    11. Click the plus icon again to add another Update Object action
    13. Click on the FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking link labelled Apply Action  to on the right hand side and from the modal window selection  FRS_ApprovalContainsFRS_ApprovalVoteTracking:FRS_Approval#
    15. You can now set the fields that you want to set on the parent Approval record
    17. Save the Quick Action
    19. Close and reopen the Approval Block and the newly created quick action can be selected in the Timeout drop down.

    This applies to the newer version of the Approval block. If you don't see the Timeout dropdown in the Approval workflow block you may be using an older version of this block type. Please check either the title of the Workflow Block. If it says "Archived Block Properties - preserving previous configuration" or has the abbreviation "(orig.)" then you will need to replace it with a new Get Approval workflow block.


    The Composite quick action can be further extended to send an email if needs be.