Publish Report Changes to Prod

Version 1


    I have created a new report locally using Business Intelligence Development Studio.  How do I upload the new report to PRD?



    Log into HEAT as the Report Manager role and open the Report Templates workspace.
    Click Upload Report. The system displays the Upload Report Template dialog box.
    Navigate to the RDL file for the report you created in BIDS
    For the Report Template Name field, enter the report name.
    For the Report template parameter, select the report template file.
    Click Save.
    In the message dialog box, click OK.
    The system saves the report template and it is ready to use.
    If this is a new or renamed updated template, then switch to the Reports workspace and edit or create the related Report. In the Report Template field, select the newly uploaded template and save (note: you may need to refresh your browser before a newly uploaded template will appear).