Required connection speed and types for using GoldMine Mobile (GMME) and GoldMine Web (GMWEB) via a mobile device.

Version 1



    Both GoldMine Mobile and GoldMine Web have a minimum connection speed requirement for the device, and for the server where the web application is published from.  Using speeds lower than the required speed may lead to loss of data, a disconnect between the device and the server, or a failure to load the web application.



    The Smartphone or Tablet device must have a cellular mobile connection type of 3G, or higher that has a connection speed of 3mb download and a 2 mb upload.   For devices using a WiFi connection, a 100mb connection or faster is required.   For both Cellular and WiFi connections, at least 2 bars of radio signal should be present when either application is used.

    For the Web Server there should be at least a consistent 3mb download, and 2mb upload connection speed.   Please note that the more users you have to access the GoldMine Connect and GoldMine Mobile applications via the server, the more bandwidth will be needed between the Web Server and your I.S.P.