HMC service is stopping and starting multiple times and there is a login failure in the MAPI listener log.

Version 1


    Resolving an issue with HMC connecting to the MAPI profile.


    If the credentials are correct for the service account running the HEAT Messaging Center MAPI Listener service, enable tracing for the listener and check the log after restarting the listener service.

    The log shows that MAPI could not login to the profile error message.

    Stop the listener service and close anything Oulook related or that uses/connects to the Outlook profile. Locate the OST file (located in c:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook if the default install path was used on the C: drive for Vista and later OS's).
    Rename the OST file for the Outlook profile in question. (finding the right OST file link at the bottom of the article for reference).
    Start Outlook and wait for everything to rebuild.
    After the mail has been downloaded, the OST file is rebuilt. Start the HEAT Messaging Center MAPI listener service.
    HMC can now connect to the Outlook profile and is working.