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    GoldMine® Manual Addendum and Errata. 

    Last updated on November 29, 2014




    Please Read This First


    GoldMine® Manual Addendum and Errata. 

    Last updated on November 29, 2014


    Welcome to GoldMine


    The following document includes important information, including corrections to the GoldMine documentation and supplemental information not available when the documentation was printed.  Please keep this document in a safe place and use it in conjunction with the GoldMine documentation.


    1.     This release of GoldMine Premium Edition is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2, and Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2.  Refer to current Compatibility Matrix for more specific information.


    2.     Microsoft SQL Server must be installed in order to complete the installation of GoldMine Premium.  Refer to current Compatibility Matrix for information on supported versions of MS SQL.  


    3.     If you are upgrading from a version of GoldMine Premium lower than 9.0.0, you must first upgrade to version 9.0.0 before upgrading to this version.  In addition, if you are upgrading from a version of GoldMine Standard or Corporate lower than 6.7, you must first upgrade to version 6.7 before upgrading to version 9.0.0.  Please review the ReadMe document and Installation Guide associated with the interim upgrade version(s) during the upgrade process.  Contact GoldMine Technical Support at or [email protected] if you have questions or need further assistance


    4.     Please print out and read the information in the Installation Guide before installing GoldMine.  A copy of the guide can be found through the Support Documentation link at


    5.     For GoldMine Technical Support, please contact us at or [email protected].


    6.     For information about new features of GoldMine, please see the Release Notes file, located under Help>>Release Notes in GoldMine Premium.  This document also is posted on our Support Site at or in the KnowledgeBase at


    7.     After upgrading from a previous version of GoldMine Premium, a user with Master Rights must login.  This will allow GoldMine to complete the database upgrade.  This step is not necessary when upgrading an undocked (U-license) installation.


    8.     Universal Search provides a keyword search for data across all areas of GoldMine Premium.  Universal Search is not enabled until a user with master rights logs in and installs it.  If you choose to install Universal Search, the Microsoft SQL Server database will create and populate indexes for full-text search.  The process of populating indexes may take a very long time, depending on the size of your database and the hardware configuration of your computer.  During this process, end-user performance may be negatively affected due to additional load on the database server while the indexes are created.


    If you terminate the GoldMine process (gmw.exe) from the Windows Task Manager while the indexes are being populated, the Universal Search feature will not work properly.  You can re-enable Universal Search at Tools>>Configure>>System Settings>>Advanced, using the uninstall/install button.  This will delete and then re-create the full-text indexes.


    9.     The SQL Administrator Password used in the GoldMine installation process must not include a semicolon.


    10.  The Microsoft SQL Server setting ANSI_PADDING must be ON.  It is set to ON by default.


    11.  If the GoldMine Premium installation process fails for any reason, an attempt to retry the installation may be blocked.  If this occurs, backup the Windows registry and remove the GMInProgress registry key if it exists.  This allows a new installation to begin.  On a 32-bit operating system, the registry path is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FrontRange Solutions\GMInProgress.  On a 64-bit operating system, the registry path is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\FrontRange Solutions\GMInProgress. 


    12.  If you are upgrading from a previous version of GoldMine Premium, you should understand that after upgrading, you would no longer be able to use this system with any prior version of GoldMine.


    NOTE: It is highly recommended that you back up your data before upgrading.


    13.  If you are a remote user synchronizing with another GoldMine Premium system (including via GoldSync®, you must synchronize your data to the central GoldMine system first and upgrade your central GoldMine installation before converting your remote GoldMine system.


    IMPORTANT: Upgraded systems will not synchronize with any previous release of GoldMine or GoldSync.


    14.  If you are upgrading from earlier versions of GoldMine Premium and are using add-on products, in some cases the add-on products will need to be modified in order to work with this version of GoldMine Premium Edition.  Please contact the developer of the add-on product if necessary. 


    15.  The license file for GoldMine Premium 2014.2 is named LicenseGM94.bin.  Following upgrade of the server and all client workstations, please delete any remaining instances of license.dbf, License.bin, or LicenseGM.bin stored in the GoldMine data directory to prevent conflicts during synchronization.


    16.  To set up the GoldMine Softphone, please refer to the Softphone configuration instructions available on the FrontRange support site.  To access this, go to , select GoldMine Premium Edition, and open the document titled “GMPE - The Softphone (SIP Client) in GoldMine”.   


    17.  If you synchronize linked documents, and are planning on synchronizing using the GoldSync Service, you must configure the GoldSync Service to login using a domain username/password with access to the network/drive locations used to store the linked documents.


    Please note that when using the GoldSync Service, synchronization will NOT include linked documents referenced by mapped drive designations.  If linked documents were added using mapped drive paths, you can use the Linked Document Mover (Tools>>Data Management>>Move Linked Docs and Attachments) to replace a mapped drive path with a UNC path before synchronizing.  Alternatively, you can use the Synchronization Wizard to synchronize linked documents referenced by mapped drive designations.


    18.  If you install GoldSync as a service, change the GoldSync Service logon from “Local System account” to “This account” before starting the service.  In the Windows Services administration tool, right-click GoldSync Service and select Properties>>Log On. Select “This account” and enter the login credentials, using a Windows account with full access rights on the GoldSync computer and the UNC locations where linked documents are stored.


    19.  When creating user-defined fields for contacts, opportunities, or projects, do not use any of the following SQL reserved words as field names:  UNION, UNIQUE, UNPIVOT, UPDATE, UPDATETEXT, USE, USER .  Also, do not use an underscore character (“_”) in any field name as this may prevent data from synchronizing or prevent the field from being inserted into a Word or Excel template.


    20.  Field labels must not include an apostrophe/single quote (‘) or double quote (“) within the label.


    21.  If you plan on using GoldMine’s SMS/Text messaging capabilities, please be aware that the recipient’s mobile service provider must support the ability to receive SMS/Text messages via e-mail.  Some mobile service providers also require that the subscriber enable mobile e-mail for their account prior to them being able to receive messages on their mobile device.


    22.  Before launching the Web Import deployment tool, you must be connected to the Internet.


    23.  Correct NLS setting: If the Windows setting for "Language for non-Unicode programs" on the machine running GoldMine does not match the setting on the database server, GoldMine may not be able to update records that contain region-specific characters.  To check this setting, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options, and click on the Advanced tab.  The language shown in the drop-down list should be consistent with the language in which your data will be stored.


    24.  Double-byte characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, will not display properly in list views (i.e., grids) in GoldMine Premium and are not supported in GoldMine Mobile and Web.


    25.  If you are migrating data from an ACT!® 5.0/2000 or lower, use the automated ACT! import wizard, accessible via File>>Import and Export>>Import Contact Records.  Select Import a new file using an existing profile and DBF for the file format.  ACT! 6.0 conversions should be performed by selecting File>>Import and Export >>Convert from ACT! 6.0… Conversions from ACT! 2005 or later are not supported.


    26.  To integrate Internet-based content within the GM+View tab, FrontRange Solutions recommends using JavaScript, ActiveX objects, or other similar methods.


    IMPORTANT: It is strongly advised that you do not use the IFRAMES or FRAMES/FRAMESET HTML tags.


    27.  If you exchange iCalendar (iCAL) messages with Outlook users, please note that Outlook handles iCAL messages best when configured to use Internet Mode and POP3 account(s).


    a.     Using Workgroup Mode, or configuring Outlook to send/receive messages from a Microsoft Exchange Server only, may result in lost Activity details on replies sent by the Outlook recipient or difficulties in the handling of replies to activities sent by Outlook users.

    b.     IMPORTANT: Differences in the handling of recurring activities may present problems when using iCAL messages.  If exchanging recurring activities with an Outlook client using iCAL messages, do not make changes to the activities once they have been accepted. 


    28.  Synchronizing very large databases (approximately 20GB or higher) may cause GoldMine to run out of memory, if there is insufficient RAM installed.


    29.  If the required database indexes for contact tables do not exist, GoldMine Premium may fail silently at startup.  This can occur if the database server runs out of disk space during database maintenance.


    30.  In the current release of GoldMine Premium Edition, the Service module works only with a single contact database (i.e., the contact set alias must be identical to the alias for the base GoldMine tables). 


    31.  The Merge/Purge Wizard function “Prompt me before merging records” option may cause performance to slow and an eventual crash when the process identifies and presents many duplicates.  To avoid this, use a filter or group to limit the number of records being processed.


    32.  When a contact record is copied from one contact set to another, the contact notes are shared between both copies of the contact.  If the note is deleted in one contact set, it will not be available in the other contact set.


    33.  If you use GoldMine's e-mail templates, please note that you cannot enable the Wrap Lines option to toggle it on/off.


    34.  When using an e-mail template created outside of GoldMine, replies to e-mail messages may have unexpected or inconsistent fonts.  This problem can occur if the fonts in the template are based on a style sheet, using the HTML <STYLE> tag.  To ensure that your messages are formatted as expected, please ensure that each paragraph of text within your e-mail template includes an inline font definition (using a <FONT> tag after the <P> tag in the HTML template, for example).


    35.  The Output To > Word feature currently does not work properly if Microsoft Excel is open.  Please close Excel before using this feature.


    36.  When running a mail merge to a filter or group using GoldMine Plus for Microsoft, please do not switch between documents using the Word Mail Merge toolbar while GoldMine is still merging documents.  Switching between documents may prevent GoldMine from creating history records for one or more of the documents that you viewed. 


    37.  Microsoft Word Trust Center Settings may prevent you from opening or merging a GoldMine document template.  To resolve this, add the GoldMine document template folder (usually C:\ProgramData\GoldMine\Template or C:\Program Files\GoldMine\Template) and subfolders as trusted locations in Word. 


    38.  If you open a document in Microsoft Word while a different Word template is being previewed in GoldMine’s Document Management Center, the File menu in Word  may be disabled.  You can use one of several methods to resolve this.


    a.     Close the Document Management Center in GoldMine. 

    b.     Disable the preview of Word templates in GoldMine, via Tools > Configure > System Settings > Preview.

    c.     Launch Word using the “/w” switch to start a new instance of Word.  Please read the following article for detailed instructions:


    39.  If you have Internet Explorer 9 or newer installed, the automatic login prompt for GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Word may interfere with the display of Word documents within Internet Explorer.  To prevent this issue from occurring, launch Microsoft Word and if a GoldMine login screen appears, check the box labeled “Don’t show this dialog again”.


    40.  If you have Microsoft Excel running with an Excel file open, viewing another Excel file within a preview pane in GoldMine may prevent Excel from operating properly.  If this occurs, change the view in GoldMine so an Excel file is no longer being previewed.


    41.  If an Excel file is displayed within a Preview Pane in GoldMine Premium, an attempt to merge an Excel document template (.xlt or .xltx file) may fail with an error.  To prevent this problem, please change the view in GoldMine so an Excel file is not being previewed before merging the template.


    42.  If the preview panes in Pending and History tabs in GoldMine Premium have never been viewed from a Windows account with local administrator permission, a non-administrator Windows user will not be able to view the preview panes.  As a one-time setup process, a Windows account with local administrator permission must be used to launch GoldMine and view a preview pane in one of these tabs.


    43.  Macros executed within GoldMine Premium may fail if they rely on keystroke combinations that are duplicated between items on the toolbar and other screens.  To correct this problem, remove toolbar items that have the same keystrokes as the actions used by the macro.


    44.  The Sync Contact setting in GoldMine Premium may result in slow performance when deleting activities from the activity list or using drag-and-drop features on the calendar.  If this problem occurs, please turn off the Sync Contact setting as follows:  Right-click on the calendar, select Options, and make sure “Sync Contact” is unchecked.  Right-click on the activity list, select Options, View, and make sure “Sync Contact” is unchecked. 


    45.  If you schedule an all-day event and send a meeting request to a contact, the recipient’s mail server may translate the request into a timed activity, using the time zone of the server.  If this occurs and the recipient’s system is in a different time zone from the server, the times viewed by the end user will be offset by the time zone difference.


    46.  When clicking a hyperlink in GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook to update a recurring activity that was previously added to GoldMine, only a single occurrence of the activity may be updated.  To update the entire series, synchronize GoldMine with Outlook.


    47.  If attendees are added to an existing activity that was previously scheduled in Outlook and added to GoldMine, the attendee list will not be transferred until GoldMine is synchronized with Outlook. 


    48.  On some operating systems, including Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, Outlook synchronization requires GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook to be included when installing GoldMine Premium Edition.


    49.  If a one-time activity is created in GoldMine and synchronized to Outlook and then modified in Outlook to become a recurring activity, only the first instance of the recurring activity will appear in GoldMine after synchronization.


    50.  The Xobni add-in for Microsoft Outlook is not compatible with GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook.


    51.  If the system times are out of sync between an end-user machine running Microsoft Outlook and a server machine running Microsoft Exchange, some activities may not synchronize between GoldMine and Outlook.  To automatically synchronize the times of your systems, refer to this article:


    52.  When a large number (four or more) of IMAP inboxes are set up as Outlook Folders in GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook, auto-linking may not occur consistently.


    53.  GoldMine Plus! For Microsoft Word and the DYMO Microsoft Word Add-in should not be activated at the same time due to incompatibility between the add-ins. 


    54.  GoldMine Premium installer may appear to hang when scanning the Mailbox\Attach directory on installations that have a large mailbox attachment folder and file structure.  To prevent this, move the folder "Mailbox\Attach\" to another drive or another location outside of the GoldMine application folder, upgrade GoldMine, and then move the “Mailbox\Attach\” directory back to its original location.


    55.  The “Page Me” functionality that existed in some previous versions of GoldMine was replaced by Messaging features in GoldMine Connect Edition.  To use the “Page Me” feature without installing GoldMine Connect Edition, add the following lines to your user settings file (<username>.ini):


    [email protected]_for_carrier

    Replace the email address shown above as appropriate for your mobile phone service. 

    For assistance in determining the e-mail address, refer to the following article for a listing of service providers’ SMS gateways:


    56.  For security, users must have a password assigned in GoldMine Premium to successfully log into GoldMine Web.  If a user without an assigned password in Premium attempts to log into GoldMine Web, the user will be advised ‘The username or password you entered did not match our records’.


    57.  If you use multiple contact sets in GoldMine Premium Edition, the contact set opened for a user in GoldMine Mobile or Web is the same one most recently opened by the user in GoldMine Premium.  It is not possible to change contact sets in GoldMine Mobile or Web – the user must log into GoldMine Premium, open the desired contact set, and then log back into GoldMine Mobile or Web.  Please note the following limitations in GoldMine Mobile and Web, related to managing activities that are linked to a contact that is not in the active contact set.


    58.  SMS messages will not include contact-specific data if the activity is linked to a contact that is not in the active contact set.


    59.  Activities linked to a contact that is not in the currently open contact set will become unlinked if completed in GoldMine Mobile or Web.


    60.  In GoldMine Web, custom labels for primary fields and Rule Based selection for custom screens is respected only when KEY1 field is used to determine record typing.


    61.  In order to successfully view, update, or create data in GoldMine Web, it is necessary to run an IISRESET when the GoldMine database is rebuilt to add custom fields or when a lookup.ini file is added or updated.


    62.  A maximum of the previous 20 days of emails can be retrieved into the GoldMine database when logged into GoldMine Mobile or Web when the user’s email settings are configured for IMAP (recommended).  To retrieve Inbox emails for more than 20 days, the user can log into GoldMine Premium.  It is not possible to retrieve emails from the specified IMAP Sent mailbox in GoldMine Premium.


    63.  When Replying to or Forwarding emails from GoldMine Web, a limited amount of the original message is available in the Reply or Forward.  This is due to limitations with some MailTo clients.  


    64.  Notes in GoldMine Mobile and Web are in plain text.  When a note with formatted text is edited in GoldMine Mobile or Web, the formatting in Premium is removed.  


    65.  If a field is configured as “Required Data Entry” in GoldMine Premium, there is no option to override this feature when a user edits a record in GoldMine Mobile or Web.


    66.  If the “Attach this process to all new contact records” option has been set for an automated process in GoldMine Premium, the process must be executed within GoldMine Premium after creating a new record in GoldMine Mobile or Web.


    67.  Case field label customizations are not supported in GoldMine Mobile.


    68.  Alarms sent as SMS messages are delivered when the system time on the server machine matches the time set for the alarm.


    69.  The City and State fields for a contact record are not automatically filled based on the entry of a ZIP code in GoldMine Mobile and Web.


    70.  GoldMine Connect requires cookies to be enabled.  If cookies are disabled or the Private Browsing option is used, you will not be able to log in and use GoldMine Mobile or Web.


    71.  An undocked user cannot login into GoldMine Mobile or Web while already logged in to GoldMine Premium on a network and connected to the application server used by GoldMine Mobile.  The login will fail with a message ‘All GoldMine licenses are already in use.


    72.  In GoldMine Mobile and Web, prices are not automatically populated when selecting a product while creating a forecasted sale, even if the lookup list for the Product fields has been configured with a price.


    73.  To add GoldMine Mobile Edition to the iPhone or iPad home screen, open the GoldMine Mobile login screen on your device browser, tap the bookmark button, and then select “Add to Home Screen”. 


    74.  dBASE expression fields are not displayed for contact records in GoldMine Mobile or Web.


    75.  dBASE expressions are not available for selection in lookup lists in GoldMine Mobile or Web.


    76.  The use of alphabetic characters in the Time field to schedule a prioritized activity is not supported in GoldMine Mobile or Web


    77.  If you create a forecasted sale in GoldMine Premium and relate it to an Opportunity, editing the sale in GoldMine Mobile or Web will not update the close date or value of the corresponding Opportunity.


    78.  License Limits and Definitions


    a.     GoldMine Corporate Edition and GoldMine Premium Edition are licensed per Concurrent or Named User: A Concurrent User is a license that can be used by any Authorized User, but only by one at any given time.  A Named User is a license that can be used only by a specific Authorized (i.e., Named) User.  Each Named User created for use in GoldMine subtracts one Concurrent User license. A remote user accessing the Licensed Software via a network connection to a centralized GoldMine installation is considered to be utilizing one concurrent user license.  A remote user or site accessing the Licensed Software in an undocked scenario is considered to be utilizing one named user license.

    b.     You agree not to copy the Licensed Software except for backup and disaster recovery purposes, or as described in the accompanying Documentation.

    c.     Should You exceed Your licensed number of Users, then You agree to pay the full list price for the excess Users in accordance with the FrontRange Solutions then current price list, as well as the full Maintenance and Support Fees related to these additional products.


    Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the applicable End-User License Agreement.


    These definitions are as of September 17, 2009.


    79.  Third Party Components


    GoldMine Premium Edition may include the following and other components:


    The Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Copyright © 1999 Wintertree Software Inc.


    Apache Components.  Copyright © 2000. The Apache Software Foundation.  All rights reserved. GMPE includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Software is subject to the conditions and disclaimers listed in Apache License v.2.0 found at  The Software is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.


    OpenSSL.  Copyright (c) 1998-2008 The OpenSSL Project.  All rights reserved. GMPE includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( The names “OpenSSL Toolkit”, and “OpenSSL Project” must not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without prior written permission. For written permission, please contact [email protected]. Products derived from this software may not be called “OpenSSL” nor may “OpenSSL” appear in den names without prior written permission of the OpenSSL project.


    If you would like more information about third party licenses please contact your FrontRange sales representative.


    Thank you for choosing GoldMine


    Copyright Ó2014 FrontRange Solutions USA Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  GoldMine, HEAT and other FrontRange Solutions products, brands and trademarks are property of FrontRange Solutions USA Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.  Other products, brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners/companies.