Enable ACS verbose debugging mode

Version 1


    Under the guidance of Ivanti Support, you may be requested to enable verbose debug mode from the Admin Console, which increases the verbosity of the ACS logs contained in the admin console.




    This logging change needs to be performed on each appliance in a cluster.


    Firstly, log in the the admin console at https://<appliance:8443>


    Once authenticated, append the following string the the URL:



    Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 17.03.56.jpg



    Once successful, this will return the following text:



    Verbosity of the logging will be increased from this point forwards.


    Please note, this may result in certain passwords (eg, FD service accounts) being printed in the log files.


    To disable logging, repeat the above steps, but supply the following string: /debug_mode?enabled=true