Unable to configure the Discovery 9.x integration at a new DSM installation

Version 3



    This article describes an issue where a new installation of DSM does not offer an option for integration with Discovery 9.x. 

    In the DSMC Infrastructure – ORG - Discovery, the 'Integration with' value does not have a 'Discovery 9.x” option. HEAT Discovery is the only available connection.




    DSM 2015.2 and newer releases do not provide by default a Discovery 9.x integration as a configurable option because at this release time, HEAT Discovery was defined as the new inventory module. 

    DSM customers that have upgraded from an older release will still have the Discovery 9.x option available in this setting.

    If you need to enable Discovery 9.x integration in a new DSM installation, please open the DSMC in RAW mode.

    You can start the RAW mode by using the parameter "-r". (e.g. "..\<server>\<share>\dsmc.exe -r")

    Within the RAW mode you are able to set the integration to "Discovery 9.x".