Don't know the SQL login details and cannot open GoldMine.

Version 2


    - You do not know the SQL login details and cannot open GoldMine
    - The following message may appear when you try and log in to GoldMine


    Please log in to the SQL database server aliased as GoldMine:







    The SQL username and password is defined  when you first install Microsoft SQL Server or maintained by your IT department.  GoldMine Technical Support does not have control over these  passwords.


    The default Administrator user for SQL server is a  user called 'sa' but the password would have been set by the user who  installed SQL Server.
    It is possible to reset the SQL server providing you have a windows domain administrator account but it is recommended to contact your IT department first or the person originally installed Microsoft SQL Server as also other applications, reports etc. may rely on the specific password and may not work anymore after the password was reset or changed.


    1. Log into the network as a Windows (Domain) administrator
    2. Open SQL Management Studio
    3. When prompted to connect to the SQL Server select Windows Authentication
    4. Expand Security > Logins
    5. Right Click the 'sa' user and click Properties
    6. You can then reset the password to the 'sa' account.
    7. Click OK to confirm the change
    8. Log into GoldMine and enter the specific the 'sa' user and the new password when prompted for the SQL Database connection details


    If that fails you may wish to review the following post from Microsoft Technet magazine
    or you would need to contact a certified Microsoft solutions partner to aid in the SQL server password recovery.