Absolute Service 8.1 and Absolute Manage Integration Upgrade Note

Version 3


    Absolute Service 8.1 includes direct integration with Absolute Manage/MDM 6.4 or above and requires the installer to correctly upgrade the system. This article describes a manual upgrade procedure when the installer has not been used to enable direct communication with Absolute Manage.




    Absolute Service 8.1 includes direct integration with Absolute Manage/MDM 6.4 or later. This enables a technician to apply actions directly on the endpoint of the device using the sidebar on any Service Request, Incident Problem or Change.



    In the past Absolute Service 8.0 required the installation of the Absolute Manage WebAPI to perform actions and communicate directly with Absolute Service. This is no longer a requirement. Absolute Service 8.1 communicates directly with the Absolute Manage Server on any platform. Simply enter the relevant domain or IP, port, username and password just like you would with the native client and Absolute Service has direct access to the the system.




    The recommended way to upgrade to 8.1 is using the installer. This ensures all the packages are appropriately configured for communication.

    If you want to do this manually you will need to ensure that the appropriate security packages are installed for your Java Virtual Machine.

    Absolute Service 8.1 requires the installation of unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files for Java 7 or 8 to function correctly.

    You can download these directly from Oracle for:

    Download for Java 7

    Download for Java 8

    These files need to be installed in <java-home>/lib/security and replace the default editions that are installed.

    Once these have been installed you will need to restart Absolute Service if it is already running and you should be able to successfully connect to Absolute Manage. Use the "Test" button to confirm connectivity.

    Minimum Requirements

    Note that the minimum requirements for this to work are as follows.

    • Java JDK 7 (8 preferred)
    • Absolute Service 8.1
    • Absolute Manage 6.4