How to open Task OR Parent via URL link in notification for Assigned Tasks?

Version 2


    Customer wants the ability to open the Task OR its Parent via a URL/Link within the notification but currently the notification contains a URL to open up the Task only.


    For the URL to open the Task or the Parent Object, change the existing URL with the correct syntax is as follows:


    <a  href="$(SecureServerURL()  )/Login.aspx?Scope=ObjectWorkspace&CommandId=Search&ObjectType=Task%23Assignment&CommandData=RecId,%3d,0,$(RecId   ),string,AND|#">Please Click here to open the Task</a> or  <a href="$(SecureServerURL()  )/Login.aspx?Scope=ObjectWorkspace&CommandId=Search&ObjectType=$(ParentLink_Category)%23&CommandData=RecId,%3d,0,$(ParentLink_RecID   )">Click here to open the Parent object</a>