How to link additional Employees (and their Emails) to a business object for update notifications

Version 3


    Customers may want to link additional Employees to an object, ie. Change, to notify them when there has been an update that may concern them. This can be done on any business object from Incident, to Change, to Problem. The resolution below will use Change as an example.


    In Configuration Item, on the Change Object, go through the following steps:


    1. Set up a one to many relationship to Employee object called ChangeAssocAddedEmployee where RecId = ParentLink

    2. Add a new Test Employees tab to the Change Layout, where you can link/unlink Employee records. Remove New and Delete options from the Toolbar and only allow Link, Unlink, and Go To, to avoid inadvertently deleting an Employee from the system.

    3. Add a LinkedEmployeeEmails memo field to hold all the linked employee emails.

    4. Add a new composite quick action that

        A) updates the LinkedEmployeeEmails $(ForEachChild("Change#", RecId, "Employee#.ChangeAssocAddedEmployeeTest", "PrimaryEmail + ';' +'\r\n'", "DisplayName ASC")) then

        B) Create a quick action that sends an email where "To" = $(LinkedEmployeeEmails)

    Or just do B and create a calculated rule to update the field on before save and on load of the form using the same expression as in A

    5. Set up business rules that will trigger the email notification based on the changes to the change record.