Application Manager upgrade installation fails and rolls back

Version 2


    You find that while deploying a new version of Application Manager or Application Control that the installation will fail and roll back.



    This particular issue was seen to be caused by one of the Application Control drivers being disabled. This is evident in this MSI log extract:


    DIFXAPP: INFO: Driver store reference information does not exist for service 'AMMiniFilter'. So, no undo for this service.

    DIFXAPP: INFO: Unable to revert to a previous driver store for service 'AMMiniFilter'.

    DIFXAPP: INFO: Will attempt to uninstall the driver.

    DIFXAPP: ERROR: Error unable to open service 'AMMiniFilter' to delete it because of error 0x424

    DIFXAPP: INFO: Successfully removed '{6F086A46-EB2A-45F9-8698-9D25C6D0A5AE}' from reference list of driver store entry ''

    DIFXAPP: INFO: Driver Store entry '' removed.

    DIFXAPP: INFO: RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW (0x65B)


    The driver was disabled in the registry under this value:


    Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<Application Control Driver name>

    Value: Start

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Data: 0x00000004


    More information on how this value works can be found here: 




    Setting the value to be enabled resolved the issue. Note that different drivers have different default start values:


    Header 1Header 2
    AppSense Application Manager Agent0x00000002
    Ivanti Application Manager Agent0x00000002