Speller / TLX files are not retained during an upgrade of GoldMine. The user's speller files are lost after an upgrade of GoldMine

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    Article Description


    1. In the current used GoldMine version (which is not the latest release), go to a user's dictionary settings via Tools >> Options >> Speller >> Setup dictionaries

    2. Add a several custom words to the dictionary that can be recognized if they are missing; for a test it does not matter if they are real words.

    3. Test the speller for the user on an email to make sure that is recognizes the newly added words as acceptable words (meaning it should skip these words in the spell checking)

    4. Open the Speller folder in the GoldMine shared folder on the server and notice that you have a folder with each user's name that has used the speller in this version.

    5. Upgrade to the latest available version of GoldMine Premium Edition

    6. After the upgrade review the Speller folder again

    >> RESULT: There are no longer any individual user speller folders

    7. Log into GoldMine as a master user to upgrade/revise the database and then log if applicable log in as the original testing user where the dictionary was changed and custom words were added as above

    8. Test the speller again, with one of the custom words as were added previously in step 3. and observe the behavior of the speller

    >> RESULT: The custom words added above into the dictionary TLX file are now being picked up by the speller as unacceptable (misspelled) words.



    Article Resolution


    This is RM # 146983



    Prior every upgrade take a backup of the Speller folder and after the upgrade copy back the missing files and if applicable reconfigure the settings, otherwise replace the whole Speller folder content from the backup