Ivanti Device Control 5.1 is now available

Version 1

    We've just released the latest version of Ivanti Device Control (formerly HEAT Endpoint Security) version 5.1.


    This new release contains the following enhancements:

    • Product Re-brand
      HEAT Endpoint Security has been re-branded so that it is now fully part of the Ivanti family.  The product name has been re-branded to Ivanti Device and Application Control but you should expect to see us refer to it as Ivanti Device Control for short, reflecting the fact that we will be focusing more on the Device Control aspects of the product in future while we also focus on Ivanti Application Control (formerly Appsense Application Manager) for Application Control capabilities.  Over time we will start to bring these technologies together into a single best-of-breed solution.
    • Additional Data Loss Prevention capabilities
      We've focused this release on enhancing our Data Loss Prevention capabilities.  We already had the ability to restrict the types of files which could be transferred to removable media such as USB sticks.  We've now expanded this via the ability to block file transfers based on keyword match within Microsoft Office and PDF files.  You can use Microsoft Windows' Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) to search the contents, properties and tags for flagged keywords and phrases and block the transfer if a match occurs.

    • Expanded file filtering
      We've updated File Type Filtering to add support for MP4 file types so you can now control whether such files can be transferred or blocked.

    • Expanded virtualization platform
      As usual, we've added support for the latest versions of Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop.  However, we've now expanded our virtualization platform support and we also now support Microsoft VDI.

    • Max file size for file shadowing
      We've provided improved control for file shadowing with the ability to set a max file size for shadowed files to prevent storage from filling up.  If a file exceeds the maximum file size threshold, only the file name will be shadowed.
    • Thunderbolt 3 support
      As devices using Thunderbolt 3 are starting to appear, we've updated the product to ensure that Thunderbolt 3 devices show up in the correct device class.

    • Portfolio simplification
      We've removed support for Windows Vista in this release and we've also removed support for manual import of a signature file during installation.

    • Ongoing stability improvements
      As with each release, we've focused on improving quality and addressing customer bugs.


    To download this new release, go to Ivanti Device & Application Control 5.1.0 Download