EMU: Function Keys usage change in Telnet CE

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    On the device in operation we use multiple function keys during some process, for example they press F1, F3, F6, F9.

    To do that we must press the function key and then press F1, press the function key again and then press F3, press the function key again then press F6 and so on.


    Is there a way to have the Function key on for multiple presses?

    We do need access to the other keys/numbers too so locking it permanently with a keymacro will not work.



    How to change Number keys to Function keys in Telnet CE or Telnet Client?



    Please enable the option Convert Number Keys to Function Keys in the Emulation Parameters.




    I have tested it on my device Motorola MC75A and it worked as expected.