Users get error message when opening outlook

Version 1

    Article Description

    You receive the following error message when opening Outlook if you have the GoldMine integration services for Microsoft Outlook installed.


    "The maximum number of licensed users is currently logged into GoldMine integration services for Microsoft Outlook. Please purchase additional licenses."


    Article Resolution


    1. Log out of GoldMine and Outlook on all machines
    2. Browse out to the GoldMine root directory on the server
    3. Make a backup copy of the 'Exflags.dat' file (located in the GoldMine root directory
    4. Open the 'Exflags.dat' file in notepad and remove all lines below the [FLAGS] header section
    5. Save the 'Exflags.dat' file.
    6. Log back into GoldMine and Outlook for all users to test.