Roaming an Outlook Cache in a Non-Persistent VDI/RDSH Environment

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    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 10.1Environment Manager 8.6

    This Whitepaper demonstrates how Ivanti Environment Manager (EM) can successfully roam a user’s Outlook cache between user sessions in a non-persistent VDI/RDSH setup.
    The associated configuration (included with the zip file on this page) setup assumes an intermediate level of Windows expertise and familiarity with Virtualization technologies.


    This approach to cache roaming can be further extended to persist similar application folders such as Java Cache, OneDrive & Skype.


    NOTE: In the FAQ section of the whitepaper (page 12) the following FAQ mentions making sure an engineering key is set.


    This disk is failing to detach at logoff from a XenApp session

    Check that the engineering key detailed in the Environment Manager configuration section has been set.


    The engineering key required to do this is:



    Registry Key

    HKLM\Software\AppSense\Environment Manager

    Registry Value Name


    Registry Value Type


    Registry Value Data