How to pull a single Additional Contact, Referral, Detail, History, Pending or Links record into a GoldMine e-mail template?

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    Article Description

    Is there also a way to pull a single Additional Contact, Referral, Detail, History, Pending or Link record into a GoldMine email template?


    Currently the only 'intended' and supported dynamic fields within Email templates are

    - specific contact related fields from the Primary view and user defined fields (information from CONTACT1 and CONTACT2) , whereby certain macros are triggering information to be taken from the Additional contacts (where applicable, for example Contact name, Address etc). In such cases the information is taken from the CONTSUPP table for the RECTYPE 'C' (Additional Contacts). Such fields are usually referenced either where applicable as a DDEmacro llike <<&contact>> when information will be also valid/taken from an additional contact

    - For fields where there is no difference between primary or additional contacts - these are other CONTACT1 fields for example KEY1-KEY5 fields and / or user defined fields from CONTACT2 for example USERDEF01-USERDEF16, there is no macro available (as this value is globally valid for primary and additional contact records) and the field will be referenced in the email template directly from the related table->fieldname, like <<CONTACT1->KEY1>>, <<CONTACT2->USERDEF01>> 

    - Further available information which are fixed and available in the drop down from Insert fields, for example User name, User full name, Creation date etc. These fields are usually referenced also as DDEmacros like <<&Userfullname>> or specific entries like <<FMTTIME(TIME())>> for the Creation Time


    Is it possible also to get other information like a certain Pending Activity into an email template?



    Article Resolution



    - Apart from the above officially and supported ways there are further undocumented and officially not supported but possible ways to add additional information into an email template.



    A. Display certain Details (from tab Details or the specific explicit Tab).


    - Please keep in mind that this is an undocumented and not officially supported way and the feature may change without any notification in any version and build.

    This can be done with the following syntax



    Will pull the FIRST (and only ONE) Detail which if applicable matches the DetailName



    Will pull ALL Detail records which if applicable match the DetailName and if further applicable match the Reference



    &Profile/&Profiles = indicates that an (extended) detail should be pulled and is ‘simply’ the macro like &company is the macro for the COMPANY field. (from historical reasons this is called Profile and not Detail). &Profile is the macro for the FIRST (ONE) matching record while &Profiles will pull ANY/ALL matching records.


    Reference = limits the pulled records upon the reference e.g. from the above scenario only GoldMine License records. If ANY/ ALL possible shall be pulled the Reference is left empty (no blank but simply &Profiles.DetailName..Flag)


    Flags = to which extend information is pulled and displayed from the matching record(s)

    2 = Detail name and Reference

    4 = Detail name, Reference, Note and all extended fields.




    B. Information from other tabs form a contact record (here only tabs where the information appears in a list view)


    - The capability for pulling any further information from any tabs for example from pending activities is also neither intended nor supported by the product, primarily due to the fact that GoldMine would not know which of the tabs entries.

    - There is certain way to do this for a single item, which for most scenarios may suit customer needs, but please keep in mind this will not work for mass mailing




    - Please keep in mind that this is an undocumented and not officially supported way and the feature may change without any notification in any version and build.


    - Please keep in mind that the below described workflow works only for one single record at a time from the

    Additional Contacts


    Details (also custom details tabs)




    Members (although it is questionable if any information from there is desired to be in an e-mail)



    - The below example is for getting CAL table information into the email template


    1. Create an email template with the desired fields - here form CAL table like COMPANY, ONDATE, ONTIME and REF - every desired field from the CAL record, each represented as <<CAL->FIELDNAME>>


    2. Browse to the desired contact record

    3. Browse to the Pending tab

    4. Highlight the desired pending item in the Pending tab

    5. Click the E-mail hyperlink in order to write an email to the contact

    6. Select the specific template from the subject drop down.

    >> RESULT: The template should be updated with the information from the highlighted pending item



    Alternatively or in case the above steps will not work as expected



    2. Create a new email to the desired contact record

    3. Select the specific template from the subject drop down, it may display with blank information or wrong information


    4. While the email tab is still open >> click over to the contact tab

    5. Double Click the Pending Record that has the desired data (alternatively Right Click >> Edit on the specific pending activity), it might be also sufficient only to highlight the activity

    6. Click "OK" to close the Pending record again

    7. Go back to the email and from the Subject drop down re-select the template which is desired

    >> RESULT: The template should refresh and now contain all the info from the CAL table as desired.