The program can't start because cs4.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

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    Article Description

    - Unable to install the iGoldMine client on Windows machines and constantly get an error message as soon as you try to start the client installation program.

    - In all cases you normally get a 'c4.dll missing' error and the installation program terminates.

    - On a few instances you may get a 'cs4.dll missing' error followed by another 'cs4.dll missing' error once the first error is cleared.


    Article Resolution


    The iGoldMine Client files are missing on the workstation



    1. On the client machine, create the \FrontRange\iGoldMine directory in: C:\Program Files(x86)\, so you should now have the following path on your workstation:  C:\Program Files(x86)\FrontRange\iGoldMine\

    2. Copy the 'Client' folder from the iGoldMine folder on the server and paste it in the iGoldMine folder on the new client machine (NOTE: You will find a "Client" .zip folder with the client program files attached to this article)

    3. Now you will have to manually register the two .dll files that were listed in the original errors.

    Instructions for manually registering 32-bit DLLs on 32-bit and 64-bit machine:

    a). Start > Run

    Note: You may have to add the 'Run Command' to the Start Menu by right-clicking on the dark area of the Start menu and selecting Properties > Customize, check Run Command in the alphabetical list > Apply and OK)

    b). Type the following in the Run box (NOTE: using this file as an example): regsvr32[space] and you can drag the following files to this location or type the path and filename exactly. So it should look like this: regsvr32[space]"C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange\iGoldMine\Client\cs4.dll"

    c). Verify that you get a message that says it was loaded successfully

    d). Repeat for the other file you want to register manually: Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FrontRange\iGoldMine\Client\sc4.dll"

    4. Now launch the iGoldMine client from the client machine by double-clicking on the iGoldMine-Client.exe file from the C:\Program Files(x86)\FrontRange\iGoldMine\Client\ directory

    Note: You may want to share this file to the desktop as a shortcut so it will be easier to launch for the end-user

    5. Input your Server address and then your Windows login information

    6. Once the iGoldMine window opens, test logging into GoldMine

    7. Repeat for all other workstations experiencing this issue during install of the iGoldMine client