Problem / Solution: Search is not finding existing or recently created records (Incident, Service Request, Employee)

Version 3


    Search not pulling recently created records in Incident, Service Request, or Employee.

    This can manifest in a variety of ways:

    • In some cases it will pull older records, but not newly created ones.
    • In other cases it won't find any records at all when searching.


    The records are present in the workspace, but not searchable.


    Cause and Solution:

    The search function will not be able to find records if the Full Text Index is corrupted in the database. To correct this issue, the Full Text Index must be rebuilt. This can be done from any field with the "Full-text indexed" option checked, but this is the most accessible set of steps.

    This needs to only be done on one field to rebuild the entire Full Text Index as follows:

    1. Log in as an Admin Role.
    2. Click on Configure Application
    3. Go to Business Objects > Employee > Fields
    4. Click on the 'Floor' field
    5. Un-check the "Full-text indexed" option
    6. Save
    7. Wait for the save function to completely finish.
    8. Recheck the "Full-text indexed" option
    9. Save.
    10. Wait for the save function to completely finish.
    11. Highly recommend waiting 5-10 minutes for SQL to completely rebuild the Full Text Index for the database.