How To:  Steps to remove old license files and import new license files into License Manager.

Version 1

    Article Description

    Customer is receiving a duplicate file error.

    "Cannot Import Duplicate Transactions.  This license file has the following transaction; which is already known to the licensing server..."

    Customer would like assistance with removing old license files and importing new license files into License Manager.



    Article Resolution

    Step 1. Create a restore point on app server and/or create a backup copy of System Work folder.
    C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\LicenseManager\SystemWork.

    Step 2.  Remove the System Work folder.
    Step 3Save new license files to location on app server.
    Step 4.  Open License Manager.

    Step 5.  Select Import Files>Select one new license file>import.
    Step 6.  Repeat Step 3 for each license file.

    Step 7.  On app server, go to Services>FrontRange License Authentication Server>Right Click>Restart.

    Step 8.  Go back to License Manager.  Click on List to List existing licenses. 
                  User should be able to see license files in the License Manager.