Unhandled system exception when accessing CI.ESX

Version 2


    Ivanti Service Manager Cloud 2017.2


    Requires Access To:

    Admin UI


    Error message:

    Unhandled system exception: GetFormViewData: can't find view for displaying record of type CI#ESX. Layout CI.HideCost



    This error occurs when trying to access ESX records, either directly via the CI workspace, or when linked to another record.



    Out of the Box, the ESX view has been added to the layout 'CI', but not the layout 'CI.HideCost'. You will just need to replicate the configuration from the CI layout in the HideCost layout.


    Solution / Workaround:

    We have created a metadata package that updates the CI layout with the missing view. Please import it to Staging and test, and once you've validated the change, import it into Production.


    To import the package;

    Download it from this article to your computer

    Log into the Admin role

    Select Configure Application

    On the left toolbar, under the 'Build' section, select HEAT Development Package -> Packages

    Choose Import Package in the upper right

    Browse to the CI.ESX Layout fix.metadatapatch file

    Select 'Preview Impact'

    Check 'Validate and apply if no errors'

    Select Execute

    The package will take a minute or two to load. Once it tells you it has completed successfully, you should be able to log into the SDA role and the errors will no longer be generated.


    To configure manually, see below:


    To review the existing view:

    Log into the admin UI

    Select Configure Application

    Select Business Objects

    Select CI

    Select Layouts

    Select CI

    Scroll all the way down in the 'Views in this layout:' and note that ESX is the last/most recent entry

    Click ESX

    Use the configuration on this page for reference


    In the left toolbar, click the 'Open in new application tab' icon to the right of 'Business Objects'

    Select CI

    Select Layouts

    Select CI.HideCost

    Scroll all the way down in the 'Views in this layout:' and note that ESX is not present

    Click 'Add New Form View'

    Configure the view as per the reference on the CI layout and save.