CETerm support for 9010t host connection type and settings.

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7


    9010t is a communication protocol to connect to Psion Teklogix server and it uses ANSI and TESS host connection settings present in TekTerm product.

    You will need Teklogix Psion product to connect with 9010t communication protocol.


    Naurtech CETerm supports Telnet, SSH, and Telnet over SSL communication protocols.

    All Naurtech terminal emulations support proprietary protocols used by legacy hardware terminal vendors so as to easily migrate customers to new terminals.

    These include Intermec Extended Commands, Symbol IBM PRN, Telxon VT extensions and LXE block mode for terminal emulation.

    They include the Symbol Palm Web Client, Symbol Pocket Browser and Intermec iBrowse for Web Browser sessions.




    Naurtech CETerm does not have built in support and settings to configure 9010t host communication protocol to connect to TekConsole server.

    One cannot configure Naurtech CETerm to connect to TekConsole host with TekTerm 9010t communication protocol.

    9010t connection type settings are not present in CETerm.