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    Before you can gain access to the Support Portal or product downloads you will need to login to the support site (web address). If you are a new user, please click to register here.  Once you are registered, please use your business email address so it coincides with your customer record.  If you experience issues registering, please use the "I need login assistance" link on the Login / Register page.


    GoldMine Premium 2017.1 Hotfix 3 (build 2017.1.0.422) now available.  (Release Notes)



    Below is a list of highly recommended "White Papers" and “Knowledge Documents” for use with GoldMine Premium application.


    Initial Installation & Configuration


    GoldMine Premium 2017.1 documentation:


    GoldMine Premium 2016.1 documentation:


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    Best Practices & How To's


    Troubleshooting & Common Issues

    There are a couple of emails in one user's email inbox where when they are highlighted or opened, GoldMine crashes; how do we overcome this issue?


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