How to Reboot or Shutdown PCs Using a Software Distribution Script

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x

    How to reboot or shutdown PC's using a software distribution script


    Create a script to use remote execute and POWEROFF.EXE to shut down the PCs.
         Here is an example script:


    [Machines]  REMEXEC0=poweroff.exe 300 /REBOOT  



    The script above will shut down the machine in 300 seconds (five minutes) and then reboot the machine. The number specified is the time in seconds that the machine waits before shutting down. If no time is specified the default wait time before shutdown is 10 minutes.


    The /REBOOT will reboot the computer. If left out the computer will shut down.


    The /NOCANCEL switch can be used to remove the user option of canceling the reboot.