Core Server Installation with an Upgraded Database: Supported Versions

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    When performing core server installation, the user will be given the option to configure a new database or to upgrade an existing database. This article aims at clarifying the supported versions for core server installation with an upgraded database on LDMS 9.6, LDMS 2016.3 and EPM 2017.1.


    LDMS 9.6

    The options are:

    Upgrade an existing 9.5 database

    Upgrade an existing 9.0 database



    LDMS 2016.3

    The options are:

    Upgrade an existing 2016 database

    Upgrade an existing 9.5 SP3 or 9.6 database



    EPM 2017.1

    The options is:

    Upgrade an existing database (Once clicking on this node pop-up message will show it only supports version 9.6 and above)