How to Use Putty to SSH into the LANDESK Management Gateway

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    This article discusses how to use putty when troubleshooting the Management Gateway. This article is just for getting it downloaded, installing it, and getting the settings correct so you can SSH into the Management Gateway. For further troubleshooting steps you can view Community Article:



    Before you can SSH to your Management Gateway you will need to enable SSH. On your Management Gateway Web Page go to the Security Page and down at the bottom put check marks in the two SSH boxes.


    To download and use Putty:

    1. Open web browser and go to:
    2. Scroll down the page and choose the PuTTY, putty.exe to download it.
    3. Once it is downloaded run putty.exe
    4. Click on SSH in the left hand column, highlight AES (SSH-2 only) and move it down from the top. (LANDesk Management Gateway does not support AES).
    5. Now click on Session in the left hand column and put in the IP Address of the Management Gateway.
    6. Input the IP Address of your Management Gateway. You will probably need to use the internal IP Address of the gateway and if you don't know what that is you can go to the System Page > Network Settings Tab of your management gateway to find that out.
    7. You will need to leave the port at 22.
    8. Click on open and you will get the SSH command prompt. You will need the Admin user name and password to be able to SSH into your Management Gateway. You can't use any other password.