Create a WebService in IIS for integration testing

Version 3


    I have been asked to share my simple test web service.

    The web service does not do much

    1. It can return "Hello World"
    2. It uses an external web service to convert weight units
    3. It returns "1 gram is 0,001 kilogram" by using the external conversion web service


    Sources can be downloaded here:


    Installation in IIS

    1. Extract the content of SOAPyService.7z into a subfolder of c:\inetpup\wwwroot on your IIS web server
      • 2017-08-23_13-07-54.png
    2. Now you should see the folder in your IIS Manager
      • 2017-08-23_13-08-17.png
    3. The next step is to convert this folder into an application
      1. right click on the folder and select "Concert to Application"
        • 2017-08-23_13-08-32.png
      2. You can leave everything to default on the next window, just OK the settings
        • 2017-08-23_13-08-48.png
    4. Now we need to set the default document on the application, to ensure the application is been loaded by IIS as soon as we hit the URL
      1. Open the "Default Document" feature on your Application
        • 2017-08-23_13-09-57.png
      2. Add "WebService1.asmx" to the list of default documents
        • 2017-08-23_13-12-07.png
    5. Test you webservice by entering the web service url on the server