SoftPhone setup and demonstration how this works in newer GoldMine Premium Edition versions

Version 1

    GoldMine itself needs to be configured and since several versions, a DLL needs to be registered manually prior using Softphone.

    A. Configuration of GoldMine

    1. Tools >> Options
    2. Tab Telephony
    3. Button SIP Settings...
    4. Enter the correct settings (provided by ISP)


    Additional Note:

    Initially, when this has been tried, the options were also set to Register with the Registrar and while it appeared that everything worked there was no sound and calls seemed only to be made successfully but actually, they were unsuccessful. After the SIP Server settings were verified, it has been recognized that register with the registrar should not be used. After unchecking this setting in GoldMine there were no issues anymore and calls were completed successfully and sound worked correctly with the SoftPhone.

    5. OK >> OK

    From GoldMine side this is all for the configuration of the SoftPhone

    B. Launching the SoftPhone

    1. Usually, a user will get at the first start of the SoftPhone an error message which requires registering manually a certain DLL, in a 64-bit environment with default installation this will be

    regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\gmsp2.dll"

    Once this is done the SoftPhone can be launched and calls can be retrieved or made to contact records or manually dialed numbers.

    In the below link a small video can be found how the SoftPhone works with the appropriate settings.

    In the first part, the necessary settings (in this case from an Ivanti internal SIP server) are shown within GoldMine, then also the version of GoldMine is verified.
    In order to demonstrate that the SIP really works correctly, a different SoftPhone application (also owned by Ivanti (IPCM)) has been installed and the user logged into the same SIP Server as from the GoldMine settings. A test call to another number has been made which can be seen and heard that the call was successful.
    Now the user logged out of the other (NON-GoldMine SoftPhone application) and was using solely GoldMine moving forward.

    1. Launched (actually it was already loaded) the SoftPhone and dialed the identical internal number again, you can see that I received the call on my real laptop.
    2. I dialed the contact record's phone number and in another TeamViewer session to the mobile number you can see and hear that the call was made successfully
    3. I made the same call again, again successfully

    The video is available for review and download at