Content Cleaner Usage For EMSS

Version 2


    Content Cleaner is used to reduce the size of the Content directory. Content Cleaner removes the downloaded or cached packages used for deployments.


    **Special Note: Usage of the extended options below will remove all previously downloaded content for those specific content types. Make sure you understand, removed content will need to be cached again after purging.



    ContentCleaner.exe is located on EMSS application server in <InstallDir>:\Program Files (x86)\HEAT Software\EMSS\Replication Services\Utilities


    *Heat Software folder could also be called Lumension.



    -A Performs analysis only; no option to purge is provided.

    -F Only removes orphaned files. Directories remain intact.

    -L Enables logging to ContentCleaner.log. Which is located in the same folder above.

    -L2 Enables -L and logs purged files/folders.

    -M Validate metadata; checks cached file existence on disk.

    -N Uses SQL statement for metadata collection (pre-7.1 Server).

    -R Refresh cache for missing files on disk. Activates -M.

    -S Silent mode.


    -X Scan the non-Windows repository cache.

    WARNING: This option removes all non-Windows binaries.

    Binaries removed will be re-cached next time they are deployed.


    -T= Increase SQL timeout in seconds (override 300 second default)

    Example: -T=600


    -V Verbose output. Logs all modules and directories found.

    -O Creates random orphaned files in the Content Directory

    to test cleanup mechanism.


    Execution example:


    1. Perform Initial space-reclaiming information check:

    ContentCleaner.exe -A -L


    2. Perform basic orphaned content clean up:

    ContentCleaner.exe -L -V


    3. This will check for missing content, re-cache any content that is missing, run silently (no console display), purge any orphaned content, and log all results to ContentCleaner.log with maximum verbosity:


    ContentCleaner.exe -L -R -S -V


          4. Remove all Critical -05 downloaded packages:

    ContentCleaner.exe -L  -R -S -V -PurgeCritical05 -T=600


    **Extended Options


        -PurgeCritical                  Deletes all non-custom Critical content.

        -PurgeCritical01              Deletes all non-custom Critical-01 content.

        -PurgeCritical05              Deletes all non-custom Critical-05 content.

        -PurgeSoftware               Deletes all non-custom Software content.

        -PurgeRecommended    Deletes all non-custom Recommended content.

        -PurgeVirus                    Deletes all non-custom Virus content.

        -PurgeAll                        Sets all purge arguments above to true.